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3 Important Things To Consider When Selling Your Car

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In today’s highly competitive market many companies and dealers will use questionable tactics in an attempt to purchase your vehicle. Most commonly, what we are seeing is websites sending back inaccurate, automatic quotes for vehicles once someone makes an enquiry. Many car sellers are fooled into agreeing to meet with these buyers as they’re under the impression that they are going to get much more than their car is actually worth. For example, a buyer may send an automatic quote back at $9,000 with the knowledge that the car is only worth $6,000. He will do this to excite the seller and get the appointment. The buyer will wait until he is in front of the customer and use his or her expertise to find errors with car and buy it at $6,000. We urge all sellers to be weary of these tactics and remember that it is physically impossible to value a car without seeing it. Be weary of buyers who claim that they will give a definite offer without inspecting the car. In addition to this, as the market is constantly changing, valuation services do not always provide correct market valuations. So it is important to have your car inspected by a knowledgable and trustworthy source like areyouselling.com.au.

Guaranteed 24 Hour Payment

The car industry has unfortunately developed a reputation when it comes to paying for vehicles. This could be the result of previous companies doing the wrong thing by their customers. Areyouselling.com.au is the only company in Australia who guarantees payment within 48 hours of purchase and before pickup. Many companies experience cash flow issues, which is understandable given how hard it is to sell a car in this market. As a result, sometimes they can’t afford to pay for your car straight away. Be weary of companies who attempt to pick up the car before paying. Call us on 1300 788 067 to find out more.

Guaranteed Best Price

Areyouselling.com.au has bought hundreds of cars from disgruntled sellers who have experienced inaccurate quotes, low-balling and payment problems from others. If a competitor has quoted a higher price than what we have, we advise our customers to let a competitor or dealer come out if they have been quoted a higher price. Once a final offer has been made, we guarantee a better price. In every instance, what our customers have found is that the price quoted over the phone or email by other buyers compared to the final price offered to buy the car is much different. We guarantee a better price than any other competitor as long as you get a written quote after an inspection. You are in safe hands with us and we hope our best price guarantee reflects our confidence in providing you the best service when selling your car.