Terms & Conditions

https://www.areyouselling.com.au is a lead generation website owned and operated by Are You Selling (Aus). All cars are to be purchased by Car Buyers Australia Pty Ltd, ABN: 46159545758, LMCT: 11137

Car Buyers Australia does not guarantee the purchase of all vehicles that fall within our buying parameters advertised on our website.

Payment Process

The company commits to paying the seller within 24 business hours should we obtain a clear PPSR, all required paperwork, confirmation of ownership check and any other necessary documentation or query related to the sale. All payments are made via EFT. Cheques may be requested at a company premises. The company reserves the right to not pay within 24 business hours should there be any delay or discrepancy with any 3rd party and their paperwork.


Once the customer is paid, the company will collect the vehicle. The customer must ensure the vehicle is available for collection as per our contract below.

The best price guarantee

If you provide us with a genuine, written offer from a competitor or dealership (as a cash offer not a trade in), we will beat it.

Please note, this does not include automatic quotes or price guides.

Are You Selling reserves the right to reject a Best Price Guarantee should the company suspect a lack of genuineness with the offer or the vehicle.

Customer Behavior Policy
Are You Selling is a professional car, boat, motorbike, truck and caravan buying company that operates in the Australian Wholesale Market, extending our buying capability to the public. Our position in the overall marketplace is to assist sellers looking for an easy alternative instead of pursuing the time and effort associated with selling retail. As a result, prices offered will be far different to what customers may see advertised on retail websites. It is also important to note that websites such as Carsales do not disclose final selling prices or days advertised online, they are simply asking prices and final negotiation is a private matter between the buyer the seller. Further, price guides like RedBook do not buy cars and the data is not fully indicative of acute market fluctuations.

Our final offers are not up for scrutiny or defamation toward the company, they’re purely dictated by the wholesale market at the time. Sellers are encouraged to acknowledge this before pursuing our services. Further, Are You Selling goes to extreme lengths to ensure professionalism, compliance and best practice to our sellers as required by law.

Despite the fact that (given our industry) we can’t keep everyone happy and many sellers are emotionally attached to their assets, we will not tolerate any form of abuse in regards to our service. There is no obligation to use our service and we are only one of the many options available to the public to sell their vehicle. If a seller or member of the public behaves in an abusive or inappropriate manner or defames the company in any way due to dissatisfaction with our offers, action will be sought.

If an agreement is reached between Car Buyers Australia and the seller our contract reads:

1. The vehicle will not be driven without the consent of Car Buyers Australia Pty Ltd (the company). The company will organize payment and once paid the company will organize collection of the vehicle. If the vehicle is subject to finance the company agrees to pay out the figure specified by the financier in the payout letter. In the event of a shortfall, the customer agrees to pay the difference to the company so the company can complete the payout.

2. The company representative may take the service books as security. If the seller decides to withhold the vehicle for any reason after signing this contract, they will be liable to pay a $500 cancellation fee to the company. The customer may only cancel this contract in writing and before the company has made payment. If the company has organized payment, the vehicle will be the property of Car Buyers Australia Pty Ltd. This includes remittance advice that the money has come from the company’s account and bank cheques waiting for pick up by the customer. Once payment is prepared, Car Buyers Australia will register security over the vehicle with the PPSR.

3. Purchase Fee – Car Buyers Australia P/L will charge a $182 service fee for any agreed purchase price over $2000. This fee is non negotiable and is deducted from the agreed amount paid to the seller. The fee covers external 3rd party costs including:
Vehicle transfers, acquisitions, background checks, ownership checks and PPSR certificates.
Vehicle collections, valuations and onsite inspections are included in the companies’ service at no charge.

4. The company reserves the right to cancel the sale for any reason.

5. Upon final collection, it is the sellers responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is in the same condition as the original inspection conducted by Car Buyers Australia. The seller agrees to take all reasonable steps to make the vehicle available for immediate collection once the company has provided proof of payment. Any theft or withholding of a vehicle(s), will be pursued criminally.

6.. The vehicle must be taken down from any advertising websites such as carsales.com.au immediately.