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Selling my Suzuki

We buy all makes and models of Suzuki’s. Call us today for a free quote!


The Suzuki Story

Over one hundred years ago in the village of Hamamatsu, a man named Michio worked tirelessly in his loom factory, ever-perfecting his ergonomic weaving machines. Japan’s cotton industry was booming and he had an important role to fulfil. Unbeknownst to Michio, he would go on to become one of the country’s leading automobile manufacturer’s. He was after all, Mr. Suzuki himself.

Selling my Suzuki

Michio Suzuki and his loom in the early 1900’s.

Years later, in the 1950’s, Suzuki’s quality and precision in loom manufacturing led him to expand into the motorcycle industry. After years of successfully selling the Diamond Free and Power Free motorcycles, the company felt it apt to change their name to Suzuki Motor Co. It only took another year or so before they released the Suzulight, their first automobile. Business boomed and they even started selling lightweight trucks within the same decade.

Sell my Suzuki Suzulight

A well-preserved 1955 Suzulight. 

In 1967 the two-stroke  mini-vehicle, known as the Fronte 360cc was born followed by the first 4×4 mini-car, the LJ10 in 1970. The next decade saw many famous models being released including the Fronte 75 450cc, the Cervo 550cc mini-vehicle, and the water-cooled engine bearing four-stroke LJ80. Finally, in 1979, the Alto two-stroke was released and earned immediate success for Suzuki. That model helped to bump the company into the top ten manufacturer’s in Japan.

Selling my Suzuki Alto 2004

Evolution of the famous Suzuki Alto over the years. 

Australia finally welcomed Suzuki in 1980 when Suzuki Australia Private Ltd. was established in Sydney. The following year, due to the combined success of the Japanese and Australian businesses, the Jimmy 4×4 mini-vehicle was created. It wasn’t long before a corporation was established in America, Canada, and India, and sales continued to rise.

By 1990 the Suzuki Motor Corportation saw it’s sale reach 1 trillion as the company welcomed it’s 8th decade of existence. In 2010 the popular Equator, the pickup truck, was released and the following few years involved modernisation and development of zero-emission vehicles. Today Suzuki sells in almost all automobile markets around the world, not to mention it’s ongoing success in motorcycle production. One almost forgets it’s origins making looms in a small seaside village.

Selling my Suzuki Equator 2010

Are you thinking of selling you car and getting into the Suzuki game? Or maybe you’re a loyal Suzuki driver and you’re selling your Suzuki to make room for the next model. See how your car matches up with some of the Suzuki’s we’ve purchased in the last few years.

We bought a 2005 Suzuki Grand Grand Vitara SQ625 S4 wagon for $2,600. This car had almost 150,000 kilometres recorded, some dents and scrapes in the body, and a cracked windscreen. This automatic car was sold for cash.

A 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport FZ Hatch sold for $10,000. This front-wheel-drive was a manual car and required minor detailing.

We paid $4,500 cash for a 2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara Wagon with over 144,000 kilometres on the odometer. This 4WD manual had minor wear and tear and was lacking spare keys and an owner’s manual.

We bought a 2005 Suzuki Swift S RS415 hatch for $1,500.

If you’re selling your car and it isn’t a Suzuki (yet!), check out our comprehensive sales list here. When you’ve got an idea for how your car compares, or you’d like to know more, just get in touch.

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  • As long as it was made from 2001 onwards and has travelled less than 185,000km, we will buy any Suzuki!

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