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Nissan models have been zooming their way around Australian roads since 1935. That was only one year after Jidosha-Seizo Kabushiki-Kaisha, a Tokyo-based manufacturing company, took on the new name of Nissan Motor Company and put it’s first Datsun out to consumers. The Datsun was a revamped version of the original DAT, named after it’s founders (Den, Aoyama, and Takeuchi), in 1914. The next two decades involved the evolution of the company and branding until the 1933 version of the Datsun was released, and well received. The mounting enthusiasm for this manufacturer would then face a long pause as it had to focus it’s efforts and trucks and military vehicles for the duration of the second world war, and wouldn’t regain it’s autonomy until almost ten years afterwards.

Selling my Nissan Datsun

The original 1914 DAT, predecessor of the Nissan Datsun. 

Things started looking up in 1960 when Nissan was awarded the Deming Prize for it’s innovation in design and engineering. This was the first time the prize went to a Japanese manufacturer. It was also the year that Nissan established a motor corporation in the United States. During the ’60’s sales soared thanks to popular models like the Bluebird, the Cedric, and the Sunny, and by the end of the decade more than one million cumulative units had been exported.

Sell my Nissan Bluebird

The popular 1960’s Nissan Bluebird.

In the 1970’s, the energy crises had a shining silver lining for this automobile company. Nissan’s Sunny tested out as the most energy-efficient car on the market according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s new standards. This was a foot or two in the door to the American market, which paved way for Nissan’s entry into many other countries. Several years during the 70’s the company saw cumulative exports of over 10 million units, a major increase to sales in the 60’s. Popular models were the Sunny Vanette C120, The Cedric 430, the Pulsar N10, and the Cherry FII F10 among many others.

Selling my Nissan Sunny

Fuel-efficient Nissan Sunny of 1973.

Over the next two decades, Nissan forms many partnerships with companies all over the world including it’s Research and Development centre in America, a UK manufacturer, the acquisition of a Taiwanese Motor company, equity interest in Spain, and further work with Germany’s Volkswagen. Cumulative exports continue to rise and surpass 20 million units.

In 2010 Nissan created the LEAF, it’s first entirely electric, zero-emission car. In the same year it made it’s entry into the Japanese market and won the European Car of the Year award. The following year it is awarded with Car of the WORLD award and continues down the road of success with millions of sales globally. In 2014 Nissan puts it’s second electric vehicle on the market, the e-NV200 and continues gaining global popularity for design and innovation. Behind the Toyota and Honda, Nissan is currently Japan’s third-ranking car manufacturer, in the top 10 car manufacturers in the world, and doesn’t seem to be heading down the list any time soon.

Selling my Nissan Leaf Electric car


Nissan’s first electric car, the 2010 Leaf. 

It’s no surprise that we’ve seen our fair share of much-loved Nissan models during our years here at If you’re considering selling your Nissan before it’s time is over then you might be interested in the purchases we’ve made in the last few years and how your vehicle compares:

We bought a 2006 Nissan Navara RX D40 Ute for $8,500 in Melbourne. The car had a few small dents in the body and had put in 206,000 Kilometres. It was a manual, diesel engine, 4×4.

Selling my Nissan Navara

We bought a 2002 Nissan Xtrail STD wagon for $900. This front-wheel-drive had over 210,000 Kms and needed heavy detailing and servicing. It also had signs of previous repairs.

A 2005 Maxima TI Sedan came in for $3,000 cash. This automatic car had 136,000 kilometres.

A 2012 Nissan Dualis Ti J10W Hatch was purchased for $14,750. This car had 65,000 kms but needed major detailing and had one month left on it’s registration.

Sell my Nissan Hatch Dualis

A 2003 Nissan Pulsar Sedan with 100,000 kms snagged $800.

Check out the comprehensive list of Nissan models we bought over here.  And if you’re ready to continue on to your next vehicle, we can make that real easy for you.

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