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The Mercedes-Benz is one of the most commonly purchased cars at and one of the best-selling brands of all time. If you’re considering selling your Mercedes, you can get an idea for the models and various conditions we see here, and how much cash tends to be scored in return.

Mercedes sold in Melbourne:

A 2005 Mercedes-benz SLK convertible was purchased by Are You Selling for $17,500. There were only 60,466 km on the odometer but it was in need of 4 new tyres and some detailing around the body. This car was an automatic.

Selling my Mercedes SLK

A 2003 Mercedes ML350 Wagon went for $2,300. Heavy detailing was required due to several dents and scratches, and the car had an oil leak. The odometer read 254,000 kilometres.

We paid $15,000 cash for a 2007 Mercedes-benz CLK280 Coupe with 113,000 kilometres ad 10 months left on the registration.

Selling my CLK Mercedes Coupe

The owner of a 2011 Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI 7G Tronic Coupe walked away with $22,000 cash. This car was a diesel turbo with 104,712 kms in need of a full detail.

To see the exhaustive list of cars we’ve purchased in Melbourne, have a little peek over here.

Mercedes sold in Sydney:

We paid $5,500 for a 2004 Mercedes CLK 250 Coupe with 130, 965 kms. This car was due for a paint job as well as detailing to address the scratches in the body and the rattling suspension.

A 2009 Mercedes E220 CDI 212 Sedan was purchased for a whopping $23,800, along with it’s minor scratches on the front bumper. It had under 100,000 kilometres and was a diesel rear-wheel-drive.

Selling my Mercedes E220

The owner of a 2010 Mercedes C250 CGI Avantgarde Sedan walked snagged 20 grand for their vehicle. The car was missing a spare key and had some damage on the wheels. It had roughly 85,000 kilometers and 1 month remaining on the Rego.

Hopefully you’re getting the idea for the kind of cash we’ll pay for cars of varying circumstance and age. You can look at the details on all Mercedes cars we’ve purchased over here.

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with the value of these pre-loved vehicles, might we tempt you in a little bit of little known facts? You probably knew that Mercedes-Benz is a popular, well-respected, widely-loved brand since it’s birth in the 1880’s. What you may not have known is that the inventor of the Mercedes, Karl Benz, was also the inventor of….the car! Yep, the automobile itself was brought into creation thanks to a duet of inventors who independently brought it to fruition, along with the high-speed engine, in the same decade. Together, these two great minds started the long legacy of individualised motor transportation.

In 1900 the first car 35 hp racing car made it’s way into circulation. With it’s low centre of gravity, humming engine and compressed-steel frame, this vehicle was the beginning of the end of the coach era. The first of it’s kind, it pioneered the beginning of a series of new inventions for many years to come.

Selling my Mercedes-Benz

These days, Mercedes-Benz is still going strong as one of the top selling luxury cars on the global market. Here’s a short list of some of its continuously best selling models to date.

The C-Class model has been a consistent favourite since the early 90’s. The most lovable models were the 1993 W202 4-door Sedan, the 5-door station wagon, and the 1994 C280.

Selling my Mercedes C-class

Only recently did the E-class take over as best seller, offered as the E200 petrol and the E350 diesel. Despite the price tag of just over $50,000, these lovely beasts continue to rank in many top sellers lists around the globe.

Selling my Mercedes-Benz E-class

Perhaps you’ve found a new love for the ol’ Benz and you might consider one of these as your next smooth ride. Whether you’re upgrading from an old model or you’re jumping ship from another brand, we’ll help you get cash in hand within 24 hours! It’s pretty darn easy.


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