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Want to know more about Holden?

The Holden Company held the spot of Australia’s top selling car for 15 years straight, a feat that hasn’t yet been repeated by another manufacturer. As car enthusiasts, we felt moved to share some information about this iconic Australian carmaker. This may be of interest to you as a loyal Holden owner looking for your next model, or if you just want to know more about the vehicle you may be preparing to part ways with. An ode to Holden, perhaps.

In 2017, Areyouselling.com.au has paid cash for a number of Holden models including: 2001 Holden Captiva, 2008 Holden Captiva, 2009 Holden Cruze, 2007 Holden Rodeo, two 2011 Holden Commodores, 2004 Holden Vectra, 2013 Holden Commodore, 2009 Holden Commodore, 2008 Holden Astra SRI hatch, 2006 Holden Commodore S. If you want to check out details of Holden purchases from this year or other years, or purchases of any other make, check ‘em out here. (Just scroll half way down).

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The manufacturing of these cars dates back to 1856 as an evolution of a saddlery business owned by James Alexander Holden. After years acting as the exclusive distributer for General Motors in Australia, the two companies finally merged in 1931.

After producing car bodies for several overseas brands, Holden finally created an all-Australian vehicle in 1948. This was the Holden 48-215, better known as the “FX”. It was an immediate success and sold for just over a whopping $700 at the time. Holden continued to make successful models including the late 1970’s Holden Commodore and the 80’s Falcon, which enjoyed six years as best selling Australian car. In the 90s however, Japanese-made Toyota beat out both the Holden and the Ford in sales and maintains it’s position in best-selling brand to this day. Today the Mazda3, also from Japan, outsells the popular Commodore model.

Selling my Holden FX

In 2017 General Motors Holden announced that Holden vehicles will discontinue production, which will result in thousands of jobs lost. Many of these will be from the Headquarters in Port Melbourne as well as the manufacturing operations site in northern Adelaide. As a Holden owner or seller, you will still be able to access service from an engineering group as well as a national parts distributions centre and a global design studio. If you are selling a Holden, these might be good resources for you when considering the upkeep and servicing of your vehicle.

Holden Headquarters Selling my Holden

Interested in a little info on the specific cars you might be driving around? More than likely, if you’re a long-term Holden owner, you may well be driving some version of the celebrated Commodore (see all Commodore’s we’ve bought recently over here https://www.areyouselling.com.au/sell-my-car/?maker%5B%5D=holden&model%5B%5D=commodore). Early models of the Commodore were created to be more fuel efficient and better handling versions of the older Holdens, as reflected in the VC, the VB and the Commodore L. The 6-cylinder motor was quickly replaced in efforts to meet strict emission requirements, and electronic ignition was installed for the first time.

Selling my Holden Commodore VB

The VL Commodore was really the pioneer for emissions with the introduction of unleaded gas. Controversially, this model adopted the Nissan RB30 three litre, 6-cylinder engine. The VN brought in a new and refreshed design and the VP added rear suspensions and ABS brakes. VR was the first to have a driver’s side airbag and cruise control was offered on some updates, as well as automatic transmission.

Selling my Holden Commodore VL

There have been many tweaks and fine-tunes over the years but the VE was the first all-Australian designed commodore, not based on European Opel designs like many of its predecessors. Today, a few models particularly stand out:

The 1978 VB Commodore was built in Elizabeth, South Australia, Dandenong in Victoria, and Pagewood in NSW. It was a smaller car built to address the 1970’s oil crisis.

In 1985 the VK SS Group A was created with a powerful V8 engine that reflected the new association between race cars and common road vehicles.

Selling my VK SS Group A

The 1997 VT Commodore pushed sales back over those of the Ford Falcon, which had crept up to bestseller. Over three years, more then three hundred thousand were built, the most of all commodores to date.

With a 7.0 litre V8 engine, the 2009 HSV W427 had the largest engine ever installed in an Australian-made car and had a price tag of $155,000 to match. Only 137 were made and 30 of them went straight to elite car collections and never saw the road.

Selling my Holden HSV

The 2013 HSV GTS is the fastest car made in Australia and houses a 6.2 litre V8 and sold for $95,000. Until the Mercedes beat it out, it was the fastest sedan in the world.

By now you may have developed a quiet appreciation for the humble Holden that perhaps was amiss before. Whether you’re ready to retire your old Holden to make room for the next model in your life, or perhaps you’re selling another car to welcome your first Holden, we’ll send out some car-loving local experts to make the whole trip smooth and, dare we say, enjoyable.


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