• Sold in: Melbourne

    2007 kia Grand Carnival – sell my car


    2007 Kia Grand Carnival – sell my car
    Condition report: The car has no spare key, no sunroof,leather or sat nav. It has some damage to the right hand side, with some stone chips on the bonnet and a few minor scratches around the body. It’s due for a service and needs a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer shows – 170000 kms, Engine size 6, Auto transmission, seats 8, doors 4, FWD, petrol.
    It was bought in Melbourne VIC 3975
    Paid cash for the car.

  • Sold in: Perth

    2012 Kia Grand Carnival – sell my car


    2012 Kia Grand Carnival – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no spare key, no sunroof, no leather and no sat nav. It has a few scrapes around the body, it  needs new tyres and it’s due for a service.
    Odometer reads – 121823 kms, engine size 4, automatic transmission, seats 8, doors 5, rear wheel drive, petrol engine.
    It was bought in Perth, WA 6390
    Paid $7,500 cash for the car

    The 2012 Kia Grand Carnival is on the private market for an asking price anywhere between $9,000 and $28,000. The prices reflect cars in relatively good condition with few previous owners, low kilometres, regular service history, spare keys, possibly extra features, tyres that are in good shape, and a recent service. Where any of these things are missing, the asking and offered price starts to come down. The Kia Grand Carnival 2012 version comes only as a “people mover” and has the option for the Platinum, S, Si, and SLi, and ascending order of retail price.  Diesel engines come as 2.2L with a 6-speed automatic transmission, while the petrol option has a 3.5L, also with a 6-speed automatic transmission. There were no options for manual with the Carnival. Both options are front-wheel-drive. If you’re looking at the option between petrol and diesel, the diesel makes 93Nm more in torque, but 59kW less in power. If you’re more interested in fuel economy, the diesel engine has been rated at getting roughly 8.1L/100km while the petrol engine gets 10.9 Litres.

    The diesel engine in the 2012 model is a downgrade in terms of capacity (formerly a 2.9L), but an upgrade in terms of power and torque, now making 143kW and 429Nm. The transmission also has one addition gear, up from a 5-speed, another part of the justification for an almost $2,500 price increase from the model before.

    True to its name as a People Mover, and a leader in its category, the Kia Grand Carnival can seat up to eight fully grown people with the first five seats as bucket seats and the last row a bench of three spots. If owners are after more space for things rather than passengers, the middle row can be taken out for easy loading with access straight into the middle of the vehicle. Unlike some 8-seater vehicles that really cram people in, the Carnival is pleasantly roomy, no matter where you’re seated. For anyone regularly carting around several kids or friends on long car trips, a used Kia Carnival is definitely sought after.

    In terms of buying or selling a used 20120 Kia Grand Carnival, it is reported that spare parts are relatively easy to find on short notice and don’t tend to break the bank when it comes to mechanical labour. Kia dealers are also abundant throughout Australia, but are concentrated in the more populated city centres, so they may be harder to access from regional areas. As with all used vehicles, it is recommended that any servicing on safety equipment is not worked on except by Kia dealerships and approved mechanics.

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  • Sold in: Sydney

    2014 Kia Grand Carnival – Sell My Car


    2014 Kia Grand Carnival – Sell Your Car
    Condition Report – Damage to left side and right side of vehicle. Scratches to front bumper.
    General wear and tare.
    Service history, service books and owners manual with vehicle. Alloy wheels.
    Odometer – 8,950 – Auto – Petrol – FWD – White
    Car sold for cash

  • Sold in: Sydney

    2010 Kia Grand Carnival KS Wagon – Sell my car


    2010 Kia Grand Carnival KS Wagon – Sell my car
    ondition report – some small scratches around the body, no spare key, due for a service
    Odometer – 133758 km – automatic – petrol – RWD – blue
    Paid cash for car