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What you need to know about FORD:


Since the days of the four-horsepower, bicycle wheel, two-gear Quadricycle created by Henry Ford in 1896, The Ford Motor company has made astounding leaps and bounds, to make an understatement. As car lovers, possibly like yourself, we consider it our duty to spread a little information about the vehicles that pass through the hands of our locals at Just to kick things off, let’s take a peek at the range of models we’ve paid cash for over the last year or two.


Sell my Ford

Henry Ford himself riding his Quadricycle made in 1896.

During 2016 and 2017, car owners have sold the following used Ford models (and more): 2008 Ford Falcon XR8 UTE, 2006 Ford Falcon XR6 Sedan, 2006 Ford Territory Ghia SY Wagon, 2010 Ford Focus TDCI LV Hatchback, 2006 Ford Territory Turbo AWD SY Wagon, 2008 Ford Falcon XR6 UTE, 2010 Ford Ranger Dual Cab, 2008 Ford Territory, 2009 Ford Falcon XR6… The list actually goes on and on but you get the idea.


Selling my used Ford Falcon XR8 Ute


If you’re selling a Ford, you may well be aware of the history of this high-achieving car company, but perhaps it has simply been your means of travel. You may indeed be a Ford enthusiast eager to sell your car and move on to the next exciting model, or perhaps you’ve come from another lineage of wheels and the Ford world is your next leap. No matter who you are, the fascinating timeline of the Ford Motor Company is sure to spark your engine.



1903 marks the Incorporation of the Ford Motor Company with a whopping 12 investors and $28,000 investment. The first model was sold in July of that year and a $37,000 profit was turned by October. The next year they expanded to an international branch in Ontario where vehicles were intended to be sold across Canada as well as the British Empire.


One of Ford’s most notable implementations was the famous “$5 a day” pay rate for factory workers, which was double the standard in 1914. The decision resulted in thousands waiting at the door for employment as well as better employee retention, shorter shifts, and undeniably played a role in the formation of the middle class of America.


Selling my used Ford

The masses outside the Ford company after the announcement of the $5-a-day pay rate. 

The 1920’s were known for the classic Model A, the first car to wear the quintessential Blue Oval logo. Even in the depths of the Great Depression, more than five million Model As were sold over the following decade. Next up were the lines of Lincoln Zephyrs, Mercury brand, and Jeeps for the American Military.


The 1950’s birthed perhaps one of the most quintessential models known as the Thunderbird. This car, a perfect picture or luxury and design, naturally became a classic and remains so to this day. Not long after, the Edsel was created, originally as a flop due to the financial crisis at the time. Later, however, it went on to become a proud addition to many private car collections. The 60’s did its part in creating classics as well, with perhaps the most famous and still one of the best selling models, the Mustang.


Sell my Ford Thunderbird

The classic Thunderbird. 

In the last few decades, perhaps the more familiar models created were the ’76 Fiesta, ‘the ’85 Taurus, the 1990 Explorer, the ’98 Lincoln Navigator, and most recently, the 2015 F-150. Not only did the company create family favourite vehicles and all around popular cars, they had a few other notable inventions like the line of EcoBoost engines and their own electric hybrid with regenerative braking and lead acid batteries.


Over here at we’ve started to get a feel for which popular models seem to be cruising around the most. If you’re a Ford owner these might be relevant to you:


Sell My Ford Falcon: We’ve bought various version of the Falcon, which seem to be driving around primarily in Melbourne. The 2003 XR8 Ute sold for $4,500 while the 2008 FPV GT Sedan went for a whopping $21,000 cash. Condition reports varied from small dents to oil leaks, some without registration or with and odometer reading over 160,000 Kilometres!



Sell My Ford Fiesta: From the 2009 STD WS Hatchback at $3,700 to the 2014 Ecoboost S pack WZ going for $11,000 we’ve seen ‘em all. Some cars drove in sparkling and clean and others needed more than a little bit of love, but all were paid for in cash within 24 hours of creating a quote.


Sell my Ford S pack


Sell My Ford Territory: In the last year, are you selling has seen the 2008 Ford Territory Wagon roll through and the owner left with $5,500 cash. The car had almost 100,00 Kilometres, needed two new tyres and a new windscreen, as well as some cosmetic touch-ups. A 2005 Ford Territory TX SX Wagon with $160, 487 km grabbed three grand, and a 2005 Territory Ghia TX wagon snagged a round five thousand.


If you want to check out the master list of all Fords sold to then have a scroll here. Think of selling your Ford? We can make that real easy.


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