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(Data Source: Car Intelligence, 2018)
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Cars Sold Around Whyalla
  • Sold in: Adelaide

    2009 Nissan Navara – are you selling


    2009 Nissan Navara – are you selling
    Condition  report – The car has no sunroof, leather or Sat Nav. light scratches across drivers door, and slight tear on drivers seat. It needs a detail inside and out.
    Odometer shows – 145752 kms, engine size 4, Manual transmission, seats 5, doors 4, 4×4 drive, diesel  engine.
    It was bought in Adelaide 5045
    Paid $12,000 cash for the car

    The private online sales of the 2009 Nissan Navara ranges from roughly $6,000 to $23,000 depending on service history, kilometres driven, number of owners, use of car (occupational or recreational etc.) and general wear and tear.

    Engine options are 2.5 litre diesel or 4.0 litre petrol engine with either 5-speed auto or a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. The Diesel engine makes 128 KW and 403 Nm of torque, while the petrol made 198 Kw. By far the most purchased options were the Diesel engine and 5-speed auto trans.There are also several different editions with various safety and performance packages at different price points.

    The dual-cab off-roading vehicles have steadily been gaining popularity over the last decade with major players such as the Mitsubishi Triton and the long-loved Toyota Hilux. The Nissan Navara, while often considered a step down from the top names, is making a comfy spot for itself in this rising genre. The appeal, at least in theory, is the capabilities for rough terrain with the toughness to be a work horse, and enough room to drive around friends or children if needed.

    The Fuel economy is nothing to boast about except in the occasion of off-roading in the bush where it can comfortable blunder along without revving the engine and therefore uses much less than its petrol counterpart.

    Unfortunately, while the Navara was marketed as somewhat of an off-road vehicle, this puts buyers of secondhand vehicles at risk of significant wear and tear. Things to look for are underbody damage, radiator damage, drive-shaft issues, and other problems from driving on rough terrain. As with any used car, it is ideal to get a proper mechanic to check everything out to make sure it’s not going to have a major issue surprise you.

    Not buying or selling a Nissan Navara? Check out one of our Nissan Buying & Selling guides here. 

  • Sold in: Adelaide

    2011 VolksWagen Tiguan – sell my car


    2010 Toyota Hiace – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no sunroof, no leather and no sat nav.  There’s a dent in the tailgate and several pin dents  on the front and roof of the car. It needs a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reading is – 124363 kms, engine size 4, manual transmission, seats 3, doors 4, front wheel drive, diesel engine.
    It was bought in SA 5034
    Paid cash for the car

  • Sold in: Adelaide

    2007 Holden Commodore SS – sell my car


    2007 Holden Commodore SS – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no service books, no sunroof, no leather and no sat nav. There’re cigarette burns in the front passenger seat, paint chips on the front bumper and general wear all around the body. it needs a detail inside and out .
    Odometer reading shows – 135000 kms, engine size 8, manual transmission, seats 5, doors 4, rear wheel drive petrol engine.
    It was bought in Adelaide, SA 5086
    Paid cash for the car

  • Sold in: Adelaide

    2013 Mercedes-Benz Vito – sell my car


    2013 Mercedes-Benz Vito – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no sunroof, no leather and no sat nav. The brakes need replacing, there’s a small dent on the tailgate and there’s paint damage on the sliding door side.  It needs a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reading shows – 79800 kms, engine size 4, automatic transmission, seats 2, doors 5, front wheel drive, petrol engine.
    It was bought in Adelaide, SA 5038
    Paid cash for the car



We buy all makes and models throughout Whyalla, 2002 onwards, under 180,000 kms. No roadworthy certificate required.

Are You Selling is Whyalla's leading car buying service

You’re typing into your search bar “how to sell my car in Whyalla” and you’re finding all kinds of confusing information on car selling platforms, social media groups, or web pages that are unrelated to your query. Selling a car in Whyalla can be frustrating and stressful, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Our team at Are You Selling has over 35 years of experience in the car selling industry and much of that time has been working out the perfect system to give our customers a quick and easy car selling experience so they can get on their way to cash for their car without fussing about. If you’re looking for a local Whyalla car selling team that comes to you, get in touch and your car will be sold in no time.

Thinking of heading over to Adelaide anytime soon? You can sell your car their with our Adelaide car selling team, just get in touch.

Selling a car in Whyalla is fast and easy with Are You Selling’s 3-step process:

  • Fill out a brief sell my car enquiry form, it only takes a second.
  • We’ll contact you to arrange an onsite inspection, and one of our vehicle experts will provide you with a free car valuation.
  • After a price has been agreed upon, we give cash for cars within 24 hours!

Why should I use to sell my car in Whyalla?

  • We don’t mind how popular the make or model of your car is, we’re happy to buy most types of cars.
  • We don’t require roadworthy checks so don’t even bother wasting time and money on getting things fixed up.
  • You get a free car valuation from our vehicle experts who are professionals in the industry.
  • The best part: cash for cars, in three simple steps.

We love cars and we love driving in Whyalla! Check out our tips for the road and things to check out in the area:

Whyalla, the town where “the outback meets the sea” is known for its functional uses as both a port in Spencer Gulf, and as a major city in the steel industry. It is the third most populous city in South Australia (after Mount Gambie and Adelaide) and is roughly 380 kilometres from Adelaide up the eastern coast of the Eyre Peninsula. There are many reasons that you may be driving to or through Whyalla at some stage including a visit to the Maritime Museum, taking a tour at the OneSteel Steelworks, stretching your legs on the City Walk Trail, or taking a visit to one of the beautiful view points like Hummock Hill, the Freycinet & Flinders lookout, or the Whyalla wetlands and foreshore. If you’re new to driving in the Whyalla area, it’s helpful to know a few tips for staying safe on the roads.

If you’ve just relocated to Whyalla, or anywhere in South Australia, it’s important that you switch to a South Australian driver’s license within 90 days of taking up residency. Once you do this, your existing license will become invalid. If you are only staying short term and you have an Australian driver’s license, you won’t need to take any action. If you’re coming from overseas and not planning to stay longer than 90 days, you may be able to drive legally using your overseas license. Get more information here.

If you’re new to driving or you just need to brush up on road rules, you can refer to the “Driver’s Handbook” on the My License government website. You can download a pdf or just access from the webpage to get updated information on road rules and safety tips in case there is anything you’re confused about. Check out the handbook here.

Recently, abc published an article discussing the common conception that Adelaide drivers are the worst in the country! There are reports that they are the most crash-prone and have the most road rage. Check out the article and see what you think! Do you agree?

Just want to get on with it and sell your car? Contact our Whyalla team today.

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