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Jess needed her car sold within 3 days!
"After having a family emergency I need to urgently move back home. I didn't have time to sell or list my car. AYS were so accommodating and empathetic to my needs and even managed to get money transferred into my account within a matter of 2 Days."
Amy was stressed enough about moving
"Planning my move overseas was already stressful enough and selling my car was the last thing on my mind. I managed to get $5,000 for it without having to go through the annoying process of selling a car. It also gave me a little bit of extra cash to help me out with the costs that were associated with my move"
George needed a quick solution to sell before 2020
"I urgently needed to sell my car before moving back to NZ. I didn't have much luck selling privately and it became a big hassle. After getting in touch with AYS, they gave me a very reasonable price and handled the entire process without any dramas. Thank you so much!"
Cars Sold Around Sydney
  • Sold in: Sydney

    2012 Toyota Hilux – sell my car


    2012 Toyota Hilux – sell my car

    Condition report: The car has no sunroof, leather or sat nav. Tailgate dented slightly. A few minor scratches around the body. It’s due for a service and needs a full detail inside and out.

    Odometer shows – 250484 kms, Engine size 4, manual transmission, seats 5, doors 4, 4×4, diesel engine.

    It was bought in Sydney 2251

    Paid cash for the car.

    The spread of used 2012 Toyota Hilux cars for private sale ranges from roughly as low as $9,500 for a two-door, Ute tray Workmate, 2.7 Litre ULP engine with a 5-speed manual transmission, up to $45,000 for the SR5 4×4 with a 3.0L Diesel engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

    The 2012 Hilux range had a slight revamp, setting it apart from previous models. These Toyotas have new fenders, bumpers, grilles, bonnets, and even headlamps. Some variations gained newly styled wheels and the whole range now has anti-skid brakes. All variants now have either a standard inclusion of cruise control, or a limited slip-differential if its a 4×4 Workmate. Stability control and side and curtain airbags were also added to several versions, as well as a new and improved audio system and climate control feature.

    With so many options for body kits, engines, and transmissions, there are nearly 40 different standard variations of the 2012 Toyota Hilux that you may be selling. The body kits include:

    -The 4×2 Single Cab (in Manual or Auto, either workmate or SR variations with Cab Chassis or pick-up option, and Turbo Diesel or V6 engine). The Workmate CC TD Manual is a new variant for the 2012 range.

    -The 4×2 Xtra Cab (in Auto or Manual with option for TD or V6 engines). The SR TD Manual is a new variant in the 2012 range.

    -The 4×2 Double Cab (Options for Workmate/SR/SR5 with manual or auto with L4, TD or V6 engine). The SR5 V6 manual was discontinued in the 2012 range.

    -The 4×4 Single Cab (In Auto or Manual as either Workmate or SR, both with Cab Chassis, option for V6 or TD engine). The Workmate CC TD Auto and Manual are both new variants in the 2012 range. The SR CC V6 auto and manual were both discontinued in this year.

    -The 4×4 Xtra Cab (All manual with either SR, SR CC, or SR5 with option for TD or V6 engines). The SR5 V6 manual was discontinued, and the SR TD manual is a new variant added in the 2012 range.

    – The 4×4 Double Cab (In manual or auto as Workmate/SR/SR5, with TD or V6 engines). The Workmate TD manual and auto are both new additions to the 2012 Toyota Hilux Range.

    Much of the range saw either new additions, or price decreases from as little as a $400 cut in the 4×4 double cab SR V6s, to a $5,650 cut in the 4×4 Xtra Cab SR5 TD manual. The greatest price increase was $900 in the 4×2 Single Cab SR CC V6 manual and auto, and $800 in the 4×2 double cab SR V6 manual and auto. Keep in mind that these price changes reflect new vehicles and that sales of used Toyota Hiluxs will vary greatly depending on the odometer, service history, and condition of the car at the time of sale.

    Don’t have a Hilux? Check out the buying and selling guides for the Toyota Tarago, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Aurion.

  • Sold in: Sydney

    2010 Holden Commodore – are you selling


    2010 Holden Commodore – are you selling

    Condition report – This car has no spare key or Sat Nav. The front panel is all scratched and there’s a few small dents. Car due for service. It needs a full detail inside and out.

    Odometer reads – 188117 kms, engine size 8, automatic transmission, seats 5, doors 4,front wheel drive, petrol engine.

    It  was bought in Sydney NSW 2143

    paid cash for  the car, $5250.

    There are many Holden Commodores circulating around the streets, making their way to their second and third owners. Good things to look out for if you’re buying or selling a Holden Commodore is paint deterioration or signs of peeling in the clear coat. Cars that have had more regular polishing will have a much better chance of a lasting coat. While Holden changed their servicing periods to 15,000kms, engines do much better with oil changes at 10,000kms so check the service history and see how the individual car has been taken care of. If you want to make sure the automatic transmission is still in good nic, go for a test drive and listen for strange sounds, shaking, or stickiness on shifting.

    The beloved Holden Commodore 2010 range comes in either a Sedan or a Wagon with several different variations in each category. Today, the average 2010 Holden Commodore sells from anywhere between $6,000 and $19,000 if it’s in extremely good condition, with low miles, sold through a platform. Prices will vary outside of this range depending on kilometres driven, wear and tear, extra features, and the servicing history.


    -Berlina: The Berlina comes in Dual Fuel and International variants and has the option of 6.0L pulp, 3.6L LPG, and 3.0L ULP engines with six or 4-speed automatic transmissions. The used Berlinas start off at about $4,500 for private sales.

    -International: The International has a 3.0L ULP engine with a 6-speed auto transmission and also comes in a D/Fuel variant with a 3.6L LPG engine with a 4-speed auto trans. These start around $6,900 AUD.

    -Omega: The standard Omega variation comes with the 3.0L ULP engine and 6-speed auto transmission. It also comes as a D/Fuel, D/Fuel 60th anniversary, and 60th Anniversary variations, all with a 3.6L LPG engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission. These start around $5,800 AUD.

    -SS: The SS has a 6.0L PULP engine and a 6-speed transmission in either auto or manual. They start selling at around $16,00 AUD.

    -SS-V: These come as the standard SS-V, the redline edition, or the 60th anniversary edition and all three have the same engine and transmission options as the SS. These start around $14,900 for the SS-V, $12,000 for the 60th anniversary, and $17,900 for the redline.

    -SS-V SE: This variant has the same options as the SS and starts selling in private, used sales, at about $18,000.

    -SV6: This variant comes with a 3.6L ULP engine and either a manual or automatic 6-speed transmission.


    -Berlina: The Berlina also has an international variant and both have a 3.0L ULP engine with 6-speed automatic transmission. They start selling around $4,500 in used, private sales.

    -International: This variation has the same engine and transmission as the Berlina and starts used sales around $6,500 AUD.

    -Omega: The Omega also has the standard engine and transmission setup and starts selling around $5,500. It also has a 60th anniversary edition that has a 3.6L ULP, 4-speed auto trans.  

    -SS:This comes with the 6.0L PULP engine with either a manual or automatic 6-speed transmission. Sales starts around $14,000.

    -SS-V: This has the same options as the SS but also comes in redline edition.

    -SS-V SE: Same as above.

    -SV6: This only comes with a 3.6L ULP with 6-speed automatic transmission.

    Not buying or selling a Holden Commodore? Check out our other buying and selling guides over here.

  • Sold in: Sydney

    2012 Nissan Dualis – are you selling 


    2012 Nissan Dualis – are you selling 
    Condition  report – The car has no spare key, sunroof, leather or Sat Nav. chipped paint  across the bonnet and drivers door . It needs a detail inside and out.
    Odometer shows – 122918 kms, engine size 5, Manual transmission, seats 5, doors 5, FWD, Petrol engine.
    It was bought in Sydney 2761
    Paid $4,750 cash for the car

    The Dualis was created, and named, for serving as a family-friendly hatchback as well as it’s dual purpose as a small sized SUV four-wheel-drive. This unique vehicle mash-up was essentially the first of it’s own category here in Australia and ranked up some healthy sales in each of it’s sections.

    While it has more ground clearance than most hatchbacks and handles off-roading relatively well, it doesn’t quite have the height of typical four-wheel drive. Interestingly enough, most of the actual sales made in Australia were for two-wheel-drives, indicative of the intention for most buyers. That said, some do opt for the 4WD to cross more rugged terrain in the Aussie bush. If you’re into that, allow for a good few days to get parts imported if something goes wrong. As long as the issue isn’t with the standard fit safety equipment, most mechanics should be able to do a sufficient job at repairing a Dualis. Otherwise, there are dealerships in many areas of the country as Nissan has been driving the Aussie roads for over half a century.

    While this particular Nissan was made in a UK factory as opposed to the original Japanese factories, the quality appears to be on par and still decently reliable, compared to other Nissan models.

    The 2012 Nissan Dualis is fitted with a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine with option for a 6-speed manual transmission or Continuously Variable Automatic transmission that has an option for manually operated ratios.

    When dealing with a used vehicle, whether buying or selling a Nissan Dualis, the transmission and gear changing is one of the first things to look for. Any excessive noise, roughness, or stickiness on shifting should be inspected by someone experienced in transmission issues.

    While the Dualis is marketed as somewhat of an off-road vehicle, the 2012 and later versions, especially two-wheel-drives, aren’t really designed for too much wear and tear. If the exterior looks pretty dinged up, you’ll want to make sure the car has a regular service history and proper detailing.

    Check out one of our Nissan Buying & Selling Guides here.

  • Sold in: Sydney

    2013 suzuki alto -sell my car


    2013 suzuki alto –sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no sunroof, leather, Sat Nav or hub caps. A small dent in the passengers side door. It needs a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reads – 70,000 kms, engine size 4, Automatic transmission, seats 4, doors 5, front wheel drive, petrol engine.
    It  was bought in Sydney 2213
    paid cash for  the  car



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While roundabouts are safe and effective means for encouraging a smooth flow of traffic, they are one of the most common areas for accidents and traffic violations due to drivers being unclear on the laws. To stay safe, make sure you travel in a clockwise direction and just go in a complete circle if you pass your turn. Exit roundabouts from the left lane and use your signal beforehand.

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Sydney Sell My Car

Scenic tours near and far:

Head out from the city on a two-hour trip to Katoomba, the Blue Mountains, and a hike near the Three Sisters. Dive into NSW’s historical roadway on the Great Western Highway, traversed by settlers and convicts alike during Sydney’s settlement. If you’re up for a longer journey then check out the 730 kilometre Darling River Run and stop in on Mungo National Park. If you’d rather stay close to home you can explore the gems of the Northern Beaches from Manly to the Barrenjoey lighthouse.

For a classic scenic route, head up the Great Pacific drive for 140 kilometres of New South Whales’ most charming coastal towns, markets, and view spots.

Is this your kind of drive? Read on at here.

Sell My Car Sydney Wollongong

Relax and let us take you on a full day itinerary:

Only 198 kilometres south of Sydney rests the pristine and underestimated Jervis Bay. Full of marine and national parks, this is a contender for Australia’s most beautiful coastal town. A straight-shot of three hours drive can be stretched to include an entire magical day from the Royal National Park, to Stanwell tops, to the Buddhist temple of Nan Tien, and the Kiama blowhole. The drive comprises of beer, beaches, and beautiful views. If that is your cup of tea, then read the full driving itinerary  here.

Sell My Car Sydney Bald Hill View

If you’ve had enough of the South Coast, let us guide you north on the next adventure to Port Macquarie. This drive is a whopping 400 kilometres, but can be done in a single eventful day for the keen drivers. You’ll bathe in the Somersby Falls of Brisbane Water National park, explore the depths of Caves Beach dwellings, hike up to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, and dine in the Rainforest Cafe of Sea Acres National Park. If that is definitely your kind of trip, check out the rest of the drive and the detailed itinerary here.

Somersby Falls Sell my car in Sydney

Go lookout-hopping on a one-day return trip:

This drive is for those of you that love the image of yourself sitting atop the hood of your car, steaming cup of tea in hand, gazing across the vast and unfolding landscape of the greater Blue Mountains region. This post details more than five prime lookout points, including a few bush walks into Gordon Falls reserve, Govett’s Leap and the cold climate Botanical Gardens. The drive home offers an opportunity for nighttime exploration in the Jenolan Caves before returning to Sydney in time for your favourite TV show and a restful sleep in your own bed. Read on to find out the details at here.

Sell my car Jenolan Caves Sydney

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