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We buy all makes and models throughout Shepparton, 2002 onwards, under 180,000 kms. No roadworthy certificate required.

Are You Selling is Shepparton's leading car buying service

Shepparton is nestled where the Goulburn and Broken Rivers meet and home to a renowned art museum, an amusement park and is a rich agricultural hub for dairy and fruit. But the question many of you on this page will be wondering is, ‘how can I sell my car in Shepparton?’ Well, we’re here to give you the quick and easy answer so you don’t have to waste your time looking around for platforms and answering daily questions from half-interested buyers. In fact, with our team, you can get cash for your car within 24 hours of agreeing on a price with us!

If you’re thinking of moving down to Melbourne and selling your car to join the life of a public transporter, why not use your car for the move and sell it on the other end. We’re got a team in Melbourne as well so you can still sell your car with us there. Just head over here to get started. Still keen on selling your car in Shepparton? Read our steps below and get on your way to cash for you car.  

Selling a car in Shepparton is fast and easy with our 3-step ‘sell my car’ process:

  • Start by filling out our brief sell my car enquiry form online. 
  • We’ll arrange a car inspection with you onsite and you’ll be provided with a free car valuation from our local Shepparton car expert.
  • After we agree on a price, we give cash for cars within 24 hours!

Why should I use to sell my car in Shepparton?

  • We don’t mind how popular the make or model of your car is, we’re happy to buy most types of cars.
  • We don’t require roadworthy checks so don’t even bother wasting time and money on gettings things fixed up.
  • You get a free car valuation from our vehicle experts who are professionals in the industry.
  • The best part: cash for cars, in three simple steps.

We love cars and we love driving in Shepparton! Check out our tips for the road and things to check out in the area:

If you’re driving to Shepparton as a visitor, it’s important to know that the area is at the crossroads of three waterways and is within the Goulburn flood zone. While flooding can be a natural event that has beneficial effects for the eco system, it can also be a dangerous and devastating situation for visitors and residents. If you happen to be driving in the Greater Shepparton area during a flood, make sure you know what to do. For instance, driving through flood waters is not recommended as water levels may be impossible to determine and currents may be stronger than they appear. For more information, visit the Greater Shepparton website and make sure you’re prepared!

If you’re used to driving in the city then you’ll be well versed in avoid pedestrians darting across traffic and moderating your own frustration when sitting behind a long row of red tail lights. What you may not be accustomed to however, is livestock meandering across the road! You may feel like you have all the space in the world when you get out of the city and into the sprawling fields of the country, but be sure you’re still on alert. While livestock should be attended and accounted for at all times, it is not uncommon for them to get loose and go for a bit of a joy ride. If you do happen to come across some free wanderers, make sure you report them here to keep other motorists safe.

If you’re familiar with the roads in Shepparton, it’s important to be aware of possible speed limit changes in areas you’re used to driving in. Many motorists become accustomed to a certain limit and end up getting expensive fines for speeding after a limit change has taken place. VicRoads is the authority on speed zones, but the Greater Shepparton council has provided a website listing the location and the new limit. Have a scroll through and see if anything has changed on your normal route!

The Shepparton Victoria Police have teamed up with the local council to provide the free, road safety program called “cool heads” which aims to educate young and inexperienced drivers on the consequences of careless driving. The program is interactive and somewhat confronting but has a positive and lasting effect on attendees. For more info check out the webpage here.

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Moving overseas? No luck selling privately? Need to sell your vehicle quickly?

Save yourself the time and hassle by selling your car to Are You Selling. We offer guaranteed cash for cars that are post-2002 and have travelled less than 180,000km.

We specialize in buying all car brands including Ford, Holden, Nissan and Toyota plus all other makes and models, including all luxury vehicles such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

With more than 35 years’ industry experience, you can trust the experts at Are You Selling to get you the best money for your car whilst ensuring a fast, easy and safe transaction.

Simply contact us to sell your car; we’ll take care of the rest.

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