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Cars Sold Around Perth
  • Sold in: Perth

    2007 Toyota Hilux SR5 – sell my car


    2007 Toyota Hilux SR5 – sell my car

    Condition report – The starter motor needs to be replaced, there’s paint  fade on the bonnet, the front grille is damaged, the left front tyre is worn out, there’s a dent in the tailgate, a small dent in the passenger door and heavy damage to the rear bumper. It needs a full detail.

    Odometer reading shows – 245075 kms, engine size 4, automatic transmission, seats 5, doors 5, four wheel drive diesel engine.

    It was bought in Perth, WA

    Paid cash for the car

    In 2016, the Toyota Hilux was rated as one of, if not the top, favourite car of Australia. While this sturdy Ute is designed as a work-horse and an off-road monster, many drivers double its usage as a commuter car, a tow-truck, an adventure mobile, and even a good ol’ family vehicle. As a tradie-style vehicle, the Hilux is relatively basic when it comes to exterior design and interior features, so how did this car become Australia’s most popular vehicle?

    The 4.0L, V6 engine makes up to 175 kW and 376 Nm for petrol and 120 kW and 343 Nm for turbo diesel and comes with either a manual or automatic transmission and the option for a rear or four-wheel-drive. The power in this Ute is plenty for any type of driving, from city to sandy beaches, and can tow just about anything. If it’s being used as a family car, it has a surprisingly roomy 5-person capacity plus containers under the back seats for extra storage. The large side mirrors make for great visibility and the ride is quite smooth if there is weight in the back.

    The basic features include sport seats, cruise control, a decent sound system, alloy wheels, AUX and Bluetooth capability, ABS, and two air-bags. It has only earned a 4-star ANCAP rating which is less than the standard vehicle of today, but still sufficient considering its power and versatility and its ability to handle off-road driving. Fuel economy is quoted at 13.1L/100km for the V6 engine and as low as 8.5L/100km for the Turbo Diesel.

    A few things to note for anyone buying or selling a 2007 Toyota Hilux: The 1KD-FTV engine options had a few reports of leaky fuel-injector seals which can lead to engine failure if it’s not sorted out. As a worker vehicle, the Hilux isn’t designed to be a quiet ride, so it’s important to test the vehicle out to see if the noisy ride if going to bother you over time, especially if the car has a lot of wear and tear. If you plan on having a large toolbox or canopy on the tray, be aware that it will likely block your vision in the rear window. If there are no people or cargo in the back of the cargo, the Hilux does tend to lose some traction on wet roads. If you plan to squeeze in 5 people or you make long road trips often, the Hilux may get a bit tight or uncomfortable for rear passengers.

    Regardless of the potential downsides, of which they are few and often not a problem, Hilux owners tend to rate their vehicles with 5-stars. They are power houses that can carry anything, take you anywhere, and even double as a family car and a working vehicle.

    If you’re not looking at buying or selling a 2007 Toyota Hilux, you may be interested in our Buying and Selling guides for the Hiace, Corolla, or Tarago. If you’ve got the info you need and you’re ready to sell a car in Perth, get in touch with us today!

  • Sold in: Perth

    2009 Toyota Hilux – sell my car


    2009 Toyota Hilux – sell my car
    Condition report – There’s a small scratch on the passenger door, a dent on the driver door, rust marks on the roof. It requires a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reading shows – 177338 kms, engine size 4, manual transmission, seats 5, doors 4, four wheel drive, diesel engine.
    It was bought in Perth, WA 6036.
    Paid cash for the car

  • Sold in: Perth

    2012 Toyota Prius NS Wagon – Sell my car


    2012 Toyota Prius NS Wagon – Sell my car
    Condition report – one tail light cover is cracked, some minor scratches around the body,
    Odometer – 18000 km – automatic – petrol – FWD – white
    Paid cash for car

  • Sold in: Perth

    2012 Toyota Prius wagon VNS – Sell my car


    2012 Toyota Prius wagon VNS – Sell my car
    Condition report – Left hand rear tail light cracked lens, some minor scratches on rear bumper
    Odometer – 18,000,   Petrol,   Automatic
    Sold Car for Cash





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We’re just as passionate about cars as we are about safe driving. Here are a few tips for navigating Perth roadways:

New to the country and getting around by car? One of the most important things to have in the back of your head is how fast you can drive on a given road. While it does change from city to city and street to street, there are some general speed limit guidelines you can keep in mind. If you’re driving in the suburban areas or city centre we can almost guarantee that the speed limit will be 50km/hr unless you’re in a school crossing zone or it is otherwise marked. For faster cruising speeds, head out of town and you’ll get up to 100 or 110km/hr on the highways.

Perth has the highest number of cars per capita than any other Australian city, so its pretty much a given that you’ll be encountering traffic congestion and risky driving behaviour from other vehicle owners. Pay close attention to other cars and navigate with awareness. Keep yourself and others safe.

Many car sellers have chosen to go for the car-free lifestyle and depend on public transportation to get around. If you go this route and sell your car, you can get around on either the city CAT bus system or the Free Transit Zone to ride without fare. This is also a great option for anyone coming to Perth for a short stay, or anyone who doesn’t already have a car.

Perth, like the other Australian cities, requires drivers to have a valid driver’s license on them at all time when operating a vehicle. If you’re driving in Perth from another country, you may be able to drive on your overseas drivers license if it is in date and translated properly. The law also requires drivers to wear their seat belts and refrain from using mobile phones without hands-free devices. Don’t get any unnecessary fines, or worse, put yourself in danger.

If you’re heading to the beautiful West Coast beaches from Perth, it’s less than a twenty minute drive to sunbathing seaside. Some of our favourite scenic drives can be found below.

Perth Sell My Car

Scenic Driving in Perth

As fun as it is reading about traffic guidelines in the inner city, sometimes we just need to drive on out of the chaos. If you’re in need of a way to break in a new car or to have a final drive before selling a car in Perth, you might be interested in a self-driving tour away from the urban streets.

This scenic drive takes you on a magical day trip down to the illustrious Margaret River. Rather than speeding down the highway for three hours, you’ll be swept along a path full of it’s own destinations. You might see dolphins jumping at the Mandurah Quay, or perhaps some kangaroos hopping by as you stretch your legs at the Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve. In Ferguson Falls you can sip wine and gaze out upon Bunbury and the dazzling coastline. Further south you can brave a dip in the Honey Moon pool as you follow the mystical trails of the Crooked Brook Forest. The quirkier road-trippers may even have a peek at the strange and wonderful Gnomesville, predictably home to thousands of Gnomes. After lunch in the Pullman Bay Resort restaurant you can prance through wildflowers on the cape to cape walk. After all that, you might even forget where you were headed in the first place. To check it out, head over here.

The Rottnest Island Daisies of Yanchep National Park, Sell My Car

If you’re selling your car or truck in Perth be sure to contact for an easy, hassle-free way to sell your car. And remember, if you already have a competitive offer on the table from another company, we can beat it! So give us a call today on 1300 788 067 or come visit us at 3 Neon Crt, Heathridge
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