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Cars Sold Around Perth
  • Sold in: Perth

    2007 Nissan Navara – sell my car


    2007 Nissan Navara – sell my car
    Condition  report – The car has no service books, spare key, sunroof, leather or sat nav. There are scuffs across the drivers seat. It needs a detail inside and out.
    Odometer shows – 214490kms, engine size 4, Manual transmission, seats 5, doors 5, 4 wheel drive, petrol engine.
    It was bought in West Australia  , WA
    Paid $3,750 cash for the car.

    On the current private sales market online, the used 2007 Nissan Navara sells for anywhere between $7,000 to $21,000 providing the car has low miles and is in relatively good shape. The asking price also relies on number of previous owners, up to date service history, extra features, engine and transmission type, and the overall condition of the vehicle.

    The Navara comes only as a Ute but has a few different variations to choose from. There is a 2.5L, 3.0L, and 4.0L engine with the options for Diesel only with the 2.5 and 3.0, or petrol with the 4.0L. Transmissions range from 5-speed automatic, 5-speed manual 4×4, and 6-speed manual transmission depending on the corresponding engine. 2007 Nissan Navara versions include the DX, RX, ST-R, and ST-X. The ST-X is the only variation that has a non-4×4 option, a rear-wheel-drive, for those who aren’t interested in off-road driving and will use it as more of a work horse or a tradie vehicle.

    By 2007, the popular D40 Nav’ (as driver’s call it colloquially) had much evolved from it’s D22 predecessor that launched way back in the early 1990’s. It has a lot more muscle, in true fashion with the dual-cab Utes that have steadily gained a following in Australia in the last decade or so. While the dual-cab lacks the tray length of the original single cab Chassis, the additional row of seats and extra wide body makes for a leisurely roomy interior that provides the option to use it as both a work vehicle and a family car, or at least a car for driving friends around.

    When selling a Nissan Navara, the price relies heavily on standard and extra features of the particular model of car you’re selling. Things to know about used 2007 Nissan Navaras are: While they are relatively rugged off-road, in some cases the clutch needed to be replaced, even with regular servicing; the fuel economy isn’t that great with a rating of roughly 12L or more per 100K on city streets, which only improves to 11L/100Km on the highway; the original tyres tend to last for many years depending on driving conditions. As servicing as a reputation for being pricey, make sure you check the service history so you aren’t hit with a huge bill when you go in for your first tune up.

    Selling a Nissan Pathfinder instead? Check out our Buying and Selling Guide here. Selling a different car altogether? Check out all of our Buying and Selling Guides for anyone Selling a car in Perth.

  • Sold in: Perth

    2011 Nissan Dualis – sell my car


    2011 Nissan Dualis – sell my car

    Condition report – There are a few minor dents around the right rear of the car and some noticeable scratches around the body. The front tyres need replacing and detailing is needed inside and out.

    Odometer reading shows – 63182 kms, engine size 4, manual transmission, seats 5, doors 5, front wheel drive, petrol engine.

    It was bought in Perth, WA 6018

    Paid cash for the car.

    The 2011 Nissan Dualis hovers between the small car and medium SUV categories, aiming to please an extra group of drivers and squeeze in just a few more passengers. If you read reviews of the 2007 model, you’ll consistently see how the Dualis struggled to make its way into the Australian market. By 2010, the higher driving position and option for an extra row of seats along with its price shift and extra features gave it a foot in the door and eventually a solid spot in the compact SUV genre.

    The market for used 2011 Nissan Dualis cars starts with an asking price in private sales around $8,000 and goes up to roughy $19,000. The amount a Dualis will actually go for depends largely on the number of previous owner and regular, documented, service history, the odometer, extra features, and overall wear and tear on the body and interior.

    The Dualis comes as either an ST or Ti variation with some nuances within each version, and all have the standard 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine. Options for transmission include a CVT auto and a 6-speed manual with a standard front-wheel-drive and option for all-wheel-drive. The engine makes 102kW power and  198 Nm torque which doesn’t exactly make it an accelerating powerhouse. In its favour, the Dualis delivers punch when needed around town and provides smooth gear-shifting while quietly gliding over bumps in the road. For anyone with basic city-driving needs, the Dualis provides all you need.

    The Dualis is best used as a family car in which backseat passengers are almost always small children, as the roominess of its quasi-SUV identity slacks off a bit toward the rear. Even with roomy front seats and plenty of legroom, taller passengers may find their hair brushing against the ceiling in the second row, and may even make solid contact in the third. The boot is a spacious 410 litres so you’ll be able to pack in plenty of groceries, some luggage, and definitely a pram.

    An upside for anyone considering buying a Nissan Dualis is the low carbon dioxide output at 192 g/km and the reasonable 8.2L/100km consumption rating. If you want the full picture however, it’s important to consider potential downsides, especially with the used Dualis. A few things to note:

    -The Dualis engine was downgraded from the X-trail from a 2.5L to a 2.0L and the loss of oomph is definitely noticeable, especially if you plan to move lots of passengers at once.

    -Only the top of the range Ti version has side airbags and stability control so if you’re looking at a different version you’ll need to check if the optional safety package was purchased. All models did receive a 5-star ANCAP rating however.

    -Check rear shock absorbers for an oily film as this is a sign of early failure, common in some Dualis cars. The Dualis is known for its smooth sailing so if a test drive proves to be rather noisy and rattley, you know something isn’t right.

    -Disc rotors have reportedly worn out around the 50,000km mark so make sure you get the brakes checked if you’re buying a heavily used Dualis.

    -Several cars were recalled for steering issues and some consumers reported other steering issues that were costly to fix or resulted in a power-steering failure that left the car drivable but with much more driver effort, reducing the safety.

    As with any used car, it’s important to have a trusted mechanic perform a thorough inspection so you don’t have any surprises on the road. If you’re selling a Nissan Dualis, it’s good to know about potential setbacks that may affect your potential asking price.

    Not looking at the Dualis? We’ve got a Buying & Selling Guide for the popular Nissan Pathfinder here, and a comprehensive Buying & Selling list here.

  • Sold in: Perth

    2010 Nissan Navara ST – sell my car


    2010 Nissan Navara ST – sell my car
    Condition report – there’s a dent on the bonnet and both back passenger doors, there are a few minor scratches all around the body, it’ll need a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reading shows – 101627 kms, engine size 4, manual transmission, seats 5, doors 4, for wheel drive, diesel engine.
    It was bought in Perth, WA 6018
    Paid cash for the car

  • Sold in: Perth

    2005 Nissan Maxima Ti Sedan – Sell my car


    2005 Nissan Maxima Ti Sedan – Sell my car
    Condition report – damage on rear and front bumpers, needs a heavy detail
    Odometer – 77000 km- automatic – petrol – fwd – gold
    Paid cash for car





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Perth, like the other Australian cities, requires drivers to have a valid driver’s license on them at all time when operating a vehicle. If you’re driving in Perth from another country, you may be able to drive on your overseas drivers license if it is in date and translated properly. The law also requires drivers to wear their seat belts and refrain from using mobile phones without hands-free devices. Don’t get any unnecessary fines, or worse, put yourself in danger.

If you’re heading to the beautiful West Coast beaches from Perth, it’s less than a twenty minute drive to sunbathing seaside. Some of our favourite scenic drives can be found below.

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Scenic Driving in Perth

As fun as it is reading about traffic guidelines in the inner city, sometimes we just need to drive on out of the chaos. If you’re in need of a way to break in a new car or to have a final drive before selling a car in Perth, you might be interested in a self-driving tour away from the urban streets.

This scenic drive takes you on a magical day trip down to the illustrious Margaret River. Rather than speeding down the highway for three hours, you’ll be swept along a path full of it’s own destinations. You might see dolphins jumping at the Mandurah Quay, or perhaps some kangaroos hopping by as you stretch your legs at the Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve. In Ferguson Falls you can sip wine and gaze out upon Bunbury and the dazzling coastline. Further south you can brave a dip in the Honey Moon pool as you follow the mystical trails of the Crooked Brook Forest. The quirkier road-trippers may even have a peek at the strange and wonderful Gnomesville, predictably home to thousands of Gnomes. After lunch in the Pullman Bay Resort restaurant you can prance through wildflowers on the cape to cape walk. After all that, you might even forget where you were headed in the first place. To check it out, head over here.

The Rottnest Island Daisies of Yanchep National Park, Sell My Car

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