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We buy all makes and models throughout Parramatta, 2002 onwards, under 180,000 kms. No roadworthy certificate required.

Are You Selling is Parramatta’s leading car buying service

Have you typed into your search bar, “sell my car in Parramatta” only to find several confusing results that leaving you feeling a little lost? We understand, and pretty much the whole reason we exist is to make that experience a lot simpler, even enjoyable. At Are You Selling we have a team of car professionals that work all over the country, including Parramatta, who will work with you, online and in person, to make your car selling process quick and easy.

We have local car experts in the heart of Sydney as well, so if you’re selling your car closer to the city, we can help you out there! Just visit our ‘sell my car Sydney‘ page. Either way, you’re only a few easy steps away from getting cash for your car.

Only 3 simple steps means selling a car is easy:

  • To get started, fill out our sell my car enquiry form, it’ll only take a moment.
  • We’ll arrange an onsite inspection with you and one of our local Parramatta car professionals who will provide you with a free car valuation.
  • Once a price is agreed upon, we give cash for cars within 24 hours!

Why should I use to sell my car in Parramatta?

  • We’ll buy makes and models of all kinds, not just the most popular cars!
  • We don’t require roadworthy checks or safety checks, so you don’t have to bother. 
  • You’ll receive a free car valuation from vehicle professionals.
  • Cash for cars, and only three easy steps!

We love cars, driving, and Parramatta! Check out some tips for the roads:

The population in the bustling Sydney suburb of Parramatta is estimated at over 240,000 and is rapidly growing. With hundreds of schools and thousands of school children, driver’s safety in school zones is extra important. The City of Parramatta government website has a page on driving and parking around schools which states that because children are smaller and may be less aware of speed and distance of vehicles, they are more likely to be hit by cars than adults are. To keep kids safe, fines and demerit points are readily issued in the areas where kids are crossing the road or finding their ride. A few things you can do to improve safety are:

-Avoid use of mobile phones in school areas (and anytime driving),

-Don’t call your child to run across the road to your vehicle,

-Avoid U-turning in the school zone as visibility is limited,

-Always park legally to avoid confusion,

-Expect that children may dart across the road, outside of allocated crossing zones.

There is an incredibly helpful School Parking Finder website that allows you to type in your child’s school’s name and determine where you can legally and safely park. Check it out here.

If your family is welcoming a new teen driver, or you just need to brush up on road rules and regulations, the NSW Roads and Maritime Services has a webpage dedicated to licenses and testing. Whether you have an upcoming test or not you can take practice quizzes and learn tips for preparation. On this page you can also access information about changes to licensing requirements and how that may affect your or a family member.

Ever tried to drop someone off without bringing your car to a stop, or had a pedestrian exit through the window? We guess probably not, but we always like learning about interesting and obscure traffic laws. Apparently, in NSW, you can get a fine of $2,200 for getting into or out of a moving vehicle. However, if you can prove that you were making a door-to-door delivery, collecting garbage, or the car was going under 5km/hr, then legally you’re all good! Under the same set of laws, it looks like you can get away with cleaning vehicles on the road as long as you don’t get in the way of traffic or other pedestrians. So, if you’re selling your car and you’re still looking for cash, that could be an option! Just don’t try to hop into anyone’s car while it’s moving 😉

As with most Australian cities, all driver’s require a valid, in-date driver’s license at all times while operating a vehicle. This does include overseas licenses but double check that yours counts if you’ve got one.

As for speed limits, you can usually assume that residential areas are 50km/hr and highways are 100km/hr but if there is signage indicating otherwise, make sure you adhere. If you’re in a school zone mentioned above and it is between 8-9am or 2:30-4:30pm, you’ll likely need to slow down to at least 40km/hr and be extra alert. If you’re ever in doubt, check the NSW road rules or get in touch with the local council.

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Moving overseas? No luck selling privately? Need to sell your vehicle quickly?

Save yourself the time and hassle by selling your car to Are You Selling. We offer guaranteed cash for cars that are post-2002 and have travelled less than 180,000km.

We specialize in buying all car brands including Ford, Holden, Nissan and Toyota plus all other makes and models, including all luxury vehicles such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

With more than 35 years’ industry experience, you can trust the experts at Are You Selling to get you the best money for your car whilst ensuring a fast, easy and safe transaction.

Simply contact us to sell your car; we’ll take care of the rest.

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