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Cars Sold Around Melbourne
  • Sold in: Melbourne

    2009 Honda accord -sell my car


    2009 Honda accord – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no sat nav. There is damage around the front and back of the bumpers, with damage on the right hand door. There are scratches on the bonnet,  and it needs a detail inside and out.
    Odometer shows – 156000 kms, engine size is 4, Automatic transmission, seats 4, doors 4, FWD, Petrol Engine.
    It was bought in Melbourne VIC 3073
    Paid cash for the car.

  • Sold in: Melbourne

    2010 Honda Accord – sell my car


    2010 Honda Accord – sell my car

    Condition report  – There’s minor damage to the left hand rear wheel arch, a scratch on the front bumper and  it needs a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reading is – 100,000 kms, engine 4, automatic transmission, seats 5, doors 4, front wheel drive, petrol engine.
    It was bought in Melbourne, VIC 3029
    Paid cash for the car

  • Sold in: Melbourne

    2008 Honda Accord Euro – sell my car


    2008 Honda Accord Euro – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has a small in the rear bumper, a bit of curbing on the wheels and minor scratches down the left passenger door. There’s no sunroof, no leather and no sat nav. It’ll need a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reading shows – 198200 kms, engine size 4, manual transmission, seats 5, doors 5, front wheel drive, petrol engine.
    It was bought in Melbourne, VIC 3113
    Paid cash for the car

  • Sold in: Melbourne

    2015 Honda Jazz I Vtec Hatch – sell my car


    2015 Honda Jazz I Vtec Hatch – sell my car
    Odometer reading – 3,077 km, Engine size 4, Doors 4, Seats 5, Petrol, Front Wheel Drive, Manual transmission
    Condition Report of the car – Needs a full detail inside and out, has light general wear around the body
    Bought the car in Chelsea, Victoria 3196
    Paid cash for the car





“How do I sell my car in Melbourne?” There are many ways to go about selling a car in Melbourne, and some are definitely easier than others. What you may gain in price is often lost in hassle, but we believe there should be an easier way. Our team at Are You Selling has over 35 years of experience in the car selling industry and we feel confident that we’ve created a a simple and stress-free process, perhaps the easiest one there is! When selling a car in Melbourne with the team at Are You Selling, you receive a free car valuation and cash for cars in only a few simple steps. Get in contact with us today and get on your way to a hassle-free car selling experience. 

If you’re selling a car in Sydney, selling a car on the Gold Coast, selling a car in Perth, selling a car in Brisbane, or selling a car in Adelaide, our local team can assist you! Just get in touch today. 

Melbourne Sell My Car Victoria

Our easy 3-step process means selling your car is a breeze:

  • Fill out our “sell my car” enquiry form online. It only takes a moment.
  • One of our car experts will provide a free car inspection and free car valuation at your location of choice.
  • After we come to an agreement on a fair price, you will get cash for your car within only 24 hours.

Why is the right company to sell my car in Melbourne?

  • We’ll buy all makes and models of cars.
  • We don’t require a Roadworthy check so you don’t have to waste your time and money getting expensive repairs.
  • You’ll receive a free sell my car valuations by our vehicle experts.
  • The best part is that you’ll get cash for your car in 24 hours!

We love the car selling process as much as we love driving cars in Melbourne! Here are some handy tips for the road:

In Melbourne, urban and residential areas, and the CBD, usually have a speed limit of 50 km/h unless you see signage indicating otherwise. To get up to higher speeds, head out onto the regional or coastal highways which have speed limits of 100 to 110km/hr. If you’re looking for a driving adventure but you’re not sure where to go, scroll down to read our guides to scenic drives and road trips all around Victoria.

Are you up to do with driving legislation in Melbourne? If not, at the very least, make sure you have a valid driving license at all times regardless of whether you’re a permanent resident in Melbourne or simply a visitor. If you’ve got an overseas license, it’s likely that it’s valid for use in Australia, as long as its in date. Double check before you head out on the road to avoid any trouble. Following road rules in Melbourne is not only a matter of safety for yourself and other drivers, but it will keep you from incurring any major fines or pesky tickets. If you’re not sure what the rules are, head over here. 

If you are selling a car in Melbourne, or Victoria in general, VicRoads does require that all car sales are reported within two weeks of sale so that there is a record of transfer of car ownership. If you’re selling your car in Melbourne then head to to find all the necessary documents that you’ll need to fill out. Something else to keep in mind for anyone who is not a long-time Melbourne local is that the vast public transportation network in this city means that you’ll will often find yourself navigating trams and buses while you’re driving the streets. Be extra mindful when passing buses while they are exiting a stop as they have limited visibility and often cannot see cars behind or to the side of them. You may notice that buses often pull out unexpectedly, and sometime without a turn signal. The “give way” signs on the back of buses are not just suggestions, but must be followed by law in the State of Victoria, whether you have enough room to get by or not. The rule isn’t to slow you down but to keep you safe!

Many times voted the most liveable city in the World, Melbourne’s bustling public transport system is known for its ease of getting passengers across the city. In fact, Melbourne has the densest tram population in the entire country. The extensive tram network is a huge plus for any car owner in Melbourne who plans on selling a car and taking advantage of affordable public transportation options. The only downside to the tram system is that is poses extra dangers for both driver’s and pedestrians. Trams weigh 62 tonnes and require up to 100 metres to come to a complete stop so its important not to dart across the road in front of one. Even if you know you have enough room to pass through, you may receive a $300 fine for any risky behaviours around the tram tracks.

Another hack for driving the roads of Melbourne is to be aware of the handy, but confusing “Hook Turn” in the CBD. Reasonably, many drivers head to the right lane in preparation of a right turn, but they will be surprised when they get there and find they can’t turn! If you see a neon hook turn sign on a road where you plan to turn right, get all the way over into the left lane out in the intersection where you can wait for the non-turning traffic to pass through. After cars going straight have cleared the intersection, a green right-turn light will prompt you to take your turn. The hook turns can be confusing and annoying at first, but they’re often in place to keep passengers safe on roads that cross over tram lanes. Once you do it a couple of times you’ll have no trouble at all. 

Melbourne Sell My Car Victorian Map

If you’re in the group of Melbourne drivers looking to “sell my car“,  get in touch with our professional car selling team in Melbourne and get started on our stress-free experience. The process is easy and simply requires you to complete the online form, choose an onsite inspection time at your own location, receive a car valuation free of charge, and get cash for your car within 24 hours! We’re confident that our car selling process is the most hassle-free experience for car sellers in Melbourne.

Some Scenic Drives In Melbourne

Whether you’re looking to make some final memories in a car you’re selling, or looking for new places to break in your next vehicle after selling your used car, these scenic self-drive tours around Melbourne will guide you to some new and inspiring locations. Check them out below.

One-Day One-Way Journey

This post is the perfect itinerary for anyone with a car in Melbourne who wants a stunning step by step drive to Wilson’s Promonotory, one of the most picturesque locations in Victoria. This route takes most of the day with five stops including, a detour to Phillip Island, Inverlock, Cape Paterson, and a stop to nourish your appetite with a beautiful view. If you want to get the knitty gritties, scroll down or head straight there with this link.

Cape Paterson and Inverloch Melbourne Sell My Car

Two Part Journey on The Road Less Travelled

This 10 hour loop takes drivers out of the Metropolitan scene of Melbourne city, and twists and turns up into the majestic forested mountains. It is none other than The Great Alpine Road. Melbournians tend to gravitate towards the sunny beach routes or local wine tours when they’re escaping from the often dreary climate of Melbourne, but don’t underestimate the beauty of crisp alpine air and expansive views from atop the gargantuan mountain sides. The first half of the journey offers a low altitude stop at the falls of the Warby Ovens National Park, stops at one vineyard (okay, you do get wine), rests for a splash in Lake Catani, before a quiet overnight rest in the charming town of Bright. If you’re interested in finding out a little more before you dip your toes in, check out the link to part 1 here. Melbourne sell my car mt feathertop

If this magical Alpine journey has got your attention, then perhaps you’d like to know a bit more about the second, slightly more treacherous part of this drive. Although you may leisurely start your day river-side at Howitt Park in Bright, you may find yourself trekking along the Razorback Trail towards the snowy peaks of Mount Feathertop by the afternoon. You’ll gaze upon the land from Alpine National Park and hop over streams rushing through the Bogong High Plains.  You’ll find rest in the iconic pioneer architecture of Dinner Plain or finish your descent along the Tambo River. If you can already feel yourself being whisked away into images of forested fairy land, wait until you dive into the detailed post. Check it out here. sell my car in melbourne Pine Gully Falls Warby Ovens Melbourne is located at: 249 Normanby Rd, South Melbourne, Vic, 3205, Australia or call us on: 1300 788 067

Sell My Car Melbourne

Looking to sell your trusty old car in Melbourne?

From annoying advertising costs through to organising countless inspections, private sales can be a gamble. Don’t waste your time and money; at Are You Selling we pay more and we come to you. We aim to make the car selling process as easy and simple as possible for you.

As long as your car is newer than 2002 and has less than 180, 000kms on the clock, we’ll offer you cash for it – no road worthy certificate needed! Sounds too good to be true? Well, we buy tens of thousands of cars a year, Melbourne and Australia-wide, so you better believe it!

Forget about trying to sell your car privately; rely on the experts for an easy, stress-free experience

Our process is simple:

  1. 1. You fill out our form for a quick online quote
  2. 2. We contact you to arrange an onsite inspection
  3. 3. We offer you the best deal possible

Like what you hear? We’ll arrange for pickup ASAP and you get cash within 24 hours. Don’t let that old car gather dust in the garage any longer; contact Are You Selling to sell your car today!

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Save yourself the time and hassle by selling your car to Are You Selling. We offer guaranteed cash for cars that are post-2002 and have travelled less than 180,000km.

We specialize in buying all car brands including Ford, Holden, Nissan and Toyota plus all other makes and models, including all luxury vehicles such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

With more than 35 years’ industry experience, you can trust the experts at Are You Selling to get you the best money for your car whilst ensuring a fast, easy and safe transaction.

Simply contact us to sell your car; we’ll take care of the rest.

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