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Sell My Car Gold Coast

Looking for a fast and easy way to sell your car? You’ve come to the right place



Selling your car on the Gold Coast just became easy. We’re calling out to all Gold Coast car owners facing the daunting task of selling a car! We’re very happy to inform you that the local experts at can offer you a quick, simple step-by-step process that gives you cash for your car within 24 hours of a free car valuation. How?

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Fill our our brief online form and receive a quote and free car valuation
  • We’ll call you to arrange a car inspection wherever you are selling a car in the Gold Coast Wherever you are selling a car on the Gold Coast, one of our experts will come to you to perform an inspection
  • Once you’ve accepted our offer, you can expect cash for your car within 24 hours!

Why we’re confident that we’re a good choice:

  • Once car sellers agree on a price, you receive cash for you car, too easy.
  • We buy all types of cars being sold on the Gold Coast and we don’t even ask for a roadworthy check.
  • Not only do you work with Gold Coast locals, our service is safe and fully certified, we’ve been doing this for a long time.

Cars are our passion so here are some helpful tips when driving on the roads in the Gold Coast:

How fast to drive on our roads? If you’re in the city centre or suburban areas, you can expect a speed limit of 50km/hour unless there is signage indicating otherwise. If you’re looking for speeds of 100 to 110 km/hr then you’ll need to head out to the open highways. Cops tend to hang around the faster motorways so make sure you observe the speed limits.

Good news! If it’s Christmas, Good Friday, or ANZAC day, you don’t need to pay for parking in our beautiful sea side cities. The rest of the time, be sure to check parking signs to make sure you don’t receive a ticket.

While we have beautiful waves and sandy beaches, coastal towns can experience severe and unexpected weather conditions. If you’re planning a road tripping adventure, make sure to check weather warnings for anything from bush fires to floods. If the coast is clear, read through some of our favourite scenic drives routes below and get ready for an incredible drive.


Scenic Drives on the Gold Coast

If you need some last minute trips to take before selling a car on the Gold Coast, then you can check out this collection of scenic self-tours, all beginning less than 50 kilometres from Surfer’s paradise. You can head up Springbrook Mountain and check out views of Mount Cougal,  Purling Brook Gorge, and of course the Best of All lookout. Besides the views, you’ll have a chance to drive around the Twin Falls or Purlingbrook circuits and make your way through waterfalls and old growth Gondwana Forest.  On the way home you can check out the magical Natural Bridge formation and, if it’s late enough, you might spot some glow worms! The second trip involves the majestic Tomewin Mountain and all the glorious view points and hiking trails this lush area has on offer. If any or all of this sounds like a must-do before selling your car, check it out here.

selling my car gold coast natural bridge formation

Natural Bridge formation, Springbrook National  Park.

This next batch of drives is for those Gold Coast drivers that don’t mind hitting the road less travelled every now and then. Don’t worry though, you’ll be eased into the trip with a relaxing glass of wine (or cup of tea!) amidst lavender fields sprawling between the Scenic Rim Mountains. Perhaps you prefer the view from above? You’ll be guided into the sky-reaching rain forests of the O’Reilly’s where you can go trekking or opt for hanging at the majestic view spots. If you’re up for a bit of funky culture you can head into Byron Bay for a meal before driving inland to a few gems in the hinterlands. Without giving it away, you might find yourself swimming under a waterfall, sitting atop giant gemstones and buddhas, or dancing amongst residents of an intentional community. Interested now? Check it out here. 

crystal castle sell my car in the gold coast

Crystal Healing in the Byron Hinterland. 

Take comfort in knowing that we are the leading Gold Coast car buying company, so call us today for a quote and a free car valuation on 1300 788 067 or come visit us at 9 Frinton St, Southport, QLD 4215

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Sell Your Car In The Gold Coast, Choose A New One & Take A Scenic Drive

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