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Cars Sold Around Brisbane
  • Sold in: Brisbane

    2010 kia Sorento – are you selling


    2010 kia Sorento – are you selling
    Condition report: The car has no spare key, no sunroof or Sat Nav. Some stone chips on the bonnet and a few minor scratches around the drivers and passengers doors. Needs a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer shows – 191628 kms, Engine size 4, Auto transmission, seats 7, doors 5, 4X4, Diesel engine.
    It was bought in Brisbane QLD 4505
    Paid $8,000 cash for the car.

    The 2010 range of the Kia Sorento, launched in 2009, has a list of engine, axel and fuel variations that can be confusing to figure out at first glance. If you delve a bit deeper, you’ll see that Kia has already done the work of creating ensembles made for the best performance. The options you’ll find in this range include:

    The choice of diesel engine comes with a 2.2 litre turbo-diesel, four cylinder requirement in all-wheel drive with the option for either a 6-speed manual or auto transmission. These cars make 145 kW and 422 Nm for manual, while auto transmissions get 436Nm of torque.

    If you’re into petrol engines then you’re looking at the 2.4 litre front-wheel-drive with a required 6-speed automatic transmission (436 Nm torque as well).

    While the power of the Sorento beats out several of its rivals in the SUV market, it still doesn’t quiet hit the same mark as the Discovery, Pajero or the Cherokee.

    The 2010 range is also the most compact variation from it’s time to the current Sorento models yet it still has the option for third-row seating and is absolutely a spacious, family-style vehicle.

    The brand new, drive-away prices in 2009 began at roughly $36,000 and went up to $49,190. Used models that are currently on the market for private sale go for anywhere from $8,000 to $21,000 depending on the engine, kilometres, service history, and overall condition.

    These family friendly cars get a 5 star ANCAP safety rating (the highest possible) and it’s emissions and fuel economy have been improved since the time of its predecessors. Current economy is reported at 6.7 per hundred kilometres with a manual transmission, and 7.4 for automatic. The emissions report states emissions of 177g/km, a competitive rating for cars in its class.

    If you’re selling another car and looking for a Kia Sorento, make sure to find out what the car was primarily used for. While the first generation Sorento’s were designed for off-roading, second generation models were simplified to accomodate the lives of parents carting kids to and from after-school activities. If the previous owner spent lots of time driving in the bush, overall wear and tear is likely to be a lot heavier. The engines on the Sorento have few reported problems if services have been carried out regularly. Since these particular engines make for a really quiet drive, if you hear any unusual noise then you may have some issues under the bonnet. In general, used Kia Sorento’s are regarded as reliable vehicles.

    Selling another Kia model? Check out our buying and selling guide for the Kia Cerato or all our other makes over here.


  • Sold in: Brisbane

    2008 Kia Carnival – Sell My Car


    2008 Kia Carnival – Sell My Car
    Condition Report – Small dent on roof. Two small dents on left rear guard.
    Right rear bumper dent.
    Service history, service books, owners manual and spare key with vehicle.
    Purchased in Morayfield QLD.
    Odometer – 109,207 – Auto – Petrol – RWD – White
    Car sold for cash

  • Sold in: Brisbane

    2013 Kia Sportage Platinum Series II wagon – Sell my Car


    2013 Kia Sportage Platinum Series II wagon – Sell my Car
    Condition report – Bull bar fitted to car, small dents on bonnet, dent on door, due for a service, 6 months registration remaining.
    Odometer – 82173 km – automatic – diesel – black
    Paid cash for car

  • Sold in: Brisbane

    2008 Kia Carnival EX Van – Sell my Car


    2008 Kia Carnival EX Van – Sell my Car
    Condition report – Head lights has sun damage, paint and panel damage around car, has a tow bar, 5 months registration remaining.
    Odometer – 112724 km – Automatic – Petrol – Silver
    Paid cash for car



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Our team has spent over 35 years in the car sales industry and we now proud to say we can provide our customers with a hassle-free car selling experience. We offer onsite inspections with car professionals who are locals to the area and give free car valuations in no time at all. Selling a car in Brisbane doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t be, a stressful process! Once you fill out our online form, you’ll enjoy a free car valuation and be well on your way to cash for your car within 24 hours. Our team of Brisbane locals is ready to sell your car as soon as you are. Just get in touch today.

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The team at cares about safe driving as much as we care about cars; here are some tips for staying safe on the roads in Brisbane:

While many traffic regulations are constant across the cities in Australia, there are some variables. Brisbane has a few of it’s own unique rules that don’t tend to apply in other parts of the country. For instance, it is illegal to make a U-turn at a traffic light unless there is signage that specific indicates that it is permitted.

If you ever find that you haven’t noticed a speed limit in a while and you’re not totally confident that you’re staying within the limits, there are a few common limits that generally apply around the country. You can usually be safe in assuming that residential areas are 50km/hr. If you’re near a school zone during school hours, the limit usually drops to 40km/hr but make sure to take note of signage.

Aside from the actual road legislation, every town has its own culture around driving the local roads. In Brisbane, drivers generally make there way into the appropriate turning lane, with indication, well before the actual turn, to avoid dangerously cutting anyone off. If you’re accustomed to darting across the lanes at the last available moment, give yourself a little more transition time when driving in Brisbane so that other drivers are well aware of your movements.

Even if you’re born and raised in Brisbane, multi-lane roundabouts can be confusing. If you’re not totally sure what the rules are, just make sure you stay to the left if you’re exiting, and use indication wherever possible. If you’re in the wrong lane to exit, give yourself time and go all the way around so that you can exit properly. Take note of the signage upon entering the roundabout so you’re prepared for your exit.

Some of the Queensland roads surrounding Brisbane city have a rugged, outback feel to them, with equally rugged terrain. While potholes and wild animals can be a fun and exciting part of a scenic drive, they can also pose a danger to drivers. Dawn and dusk are the times when animals are most likely to be crossing the road, so make sure to keep your speed down and be on high alert. As long as you drive with caution, you should have no problem on these beautiful roads. If you’re keen to get out of the city, read on for some of our favourite scenic drives in the Brisbane area.

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Scenic Drives

If you’re selling your car in Brisbane and you need a good drive to break in your next car, then perhaps you’ll let us guide you on a stunning tour of the beauty that surrounds the city. In this article you’ll drive through over a thousand hectares of eucalyptus forest to the summit of Mt. Coot-tha, you’ll traverse the Moreton Bay by ferry to explore North Stradbroke Island, loop through Tambourine Mountain along the cool waters of Cedar Creek Rock Pools. If that isn’t enough then we’ll take you into Australia’s Green Cauldron to check out Mount Warning and the villages of the Great Dividing Range. Does that sound like your kind of ride? Check it out here.

Brisbane Sell My Car On The Way To Stradbroke Island

Have you just finished the “sell my car in Perth” steps and are now looking for a way to be vehicle-free in Melbourne? If that’s the case then we haven’t excluded you from our posts. In fact, this article highlights destinations purely for the public transporters. If that’s all new for you then we’ve included some information about how to obtain your pass for ferries, buses, trains etc. so you can get going today. There are local spots along the Brisbane River you can hit via the City Cat like the sparkling urban beach of Southbank, or you can head out to Moreton Bay on a water taxi with a group of friends. One train and a bus ride away is the quant and quirky town of Eumundi where you can browse the farmers’ markets or ride out to the sparkling beaches of Noosa Heads. If you’re excited about some car-free adventures, then check ’em out here.

Sell My Car Brisbane Eumundi Markets

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