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Jess needed her car sold within 3 days!
"After having a family emergency I need to urgently move back home. I didn't have time to sell or list my car. AYS were so accommodating and empathetic to my needs and even managed to get money transferred into my account within a matter of 2 Days."
Amy was stressed enough about moving
"Planning my move overseas was already stressful enough and selling my car was the last thing on my mind. I managed to get $5,000 for it without having to go through the annoying process of selling a car. It also gave me a little bit of extra cash to help me out with the costs that were associated with my move"
George needed a quick solution to sell before 2020
"I urgently needed to sell my car before moving back to NZ. I didn't have much luck selling privately and it became a big hassle. After getting in touch with AYS, they gave me a very reasonable price and handled the entire process without any dramas. Thank you so much!"
Cars Sold Around Adelaide
  • Sold in: Adelaide

    2009 Nissan Navara – are you selling


    2009 Nissan Navara – are you selling
    Condition  report – The car has no sunroof, leather or Sat Nav. light scratches across drivers door, and slight tear on drivers seat. It needs a detail inside and out.
    Odometer shows – 145752 kms, engine size 4, Manual transmission, seats 5, doors 4, 4×4 drive, diesel  engine.
    It was bought in Adelaide 5045
    Paid $12,000 cash for the car

    The private online sales of the 2009 Nissan Navara ranges from roughly $6,000 to $23,000 depending on service history, kilometres driven, number of owners, use of car (occupational or recreational etc.) and general wear and tear.

    Engine options are 2.5 litre diesel or 4.0 litre petrol engine with either 5-speed auto or a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. The Diesel engine makes 128 KW and 403 Nm of torque, while the petrol made 198 Kw. By far the most purchased options were the Diesel engine and 5-speed auto trans.There are also several different editions with various safety and performance packages at different price points.

    The dual-cab off-roading vehicles have steadily been gaining popularity over the last decade with major players such as the Mitsubishi Triton and the long-loved Toyota Hilux. The Nissan Navara, while often considered a step down from the top names, is making a comfy spot for itself in this rising genre. The appeal, at least in theory, is the capabilities for rough terrain with the toughness to be a work horse, and enough room to drive around friends or children if needed.

    The Fuel economy is nothing to boast about except in the occasion of off-roading in the bush where it can comfortable blunder along without revving the engine and therefore uses much less than its petrol counterpart.

    Unfortunately, while the Navara was marketed as somewhat of an off-road vehicle, this puts buyers of secondhand vehicles at risk of significant wear and tear. Things to look for are underbody damage, radiator damage, drive-shaft issues, and other problems from driving on rough terrain. As with any used car, it is ideal to get a proper mechanic to check everything out to make sure it’s not going to have a major issue surprise you.

    Not buying or selling a Nissan Navara? Check out one of our Nissan Buying & Selling guides here. 

  • Sold in: Adelaide

    2011 VolksWagen Tiguan – sell my car


    2010 Toyota Hiace – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no sunroof, no leather and no sat nav.  There’s a dent in the tailgate and several pin dents  on the front and roof of the car. It needs a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reading is – 124363 kms, engine size 4, manual transmission, seats 3, doors 4, front wheel drive, diesel engine.
    It was bought in SA 5034
    Paid cash for the car

  • Sold in: Adelaide

    2007 Holden Commodore SS – sell my car


    2007 Holden Commodore SS – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no service books, no sunroof, no leather and no sat nav. There’re cigarette burns in the front passenger seat, paint chips on the front bumper and general wear all around the body. it needs a detail inside and out .
    Odometer reading shows – 135000 kms, engine size 8, manual transmission, seats 5, doors 4, rear wheel drive petrol engine.
    It was bought in Adelaide, SA 5086
    Paid cash for the car

  • Sold in: Adelaide

    2013 Mercedes-Benz Vito – sell my car


    2013 Mercedes-Benz Vito – sell my car
    Condition report – The car has no sunroof, no leather and no sat nav. The brakes need replacing, there’s a small dent on the tailgate and there’s paint damage on the sliding door side.  It needs a full detail inside and out.
    Odometer reading shows – 79800 kms, engine size 4, automatic transmission, seats 2, doors 5, front wheel drive, petrol engine.
    It was bought in Adelaide, SA 5038
    Paid cash for the car



Sell My Car Adelaide

Are You Selling is Adelaide’s leading car buying service

Are you trying to work out the best way to ” sell my car in Adelaide” but not feeling totally confident in the information you’re getting online? We’re hoping to change the car selling process from a confusing and time-consuming one to a simple and fast one by providing a tried-and-true three-step process. We have over 35 years experience in car selling in Adelaide, and our team is made of qualified professionals and car experts who are eager to assist other Adelaide locals sell their cars with ease. Our success relies on the car selling success of our customers, so we’re here and ready to help whenever you’re ready to sell your car. Get in touch today and get on your way to cash for your car!

Not in Adelaide? If you’re selling a car in Sydney, selling a car in Melbourne, selling a car on the Gold Coast, selling a car in Perth, selling a car in Brisbane, our local team can assist you! Just get in touch today.

Adelaide Sell My Car

With Are You Selling, there are just 3 easy steps to selling your car in Adelaide:

  • Start by filling out the online enquiry form so we can provide you with a free car valuation.
  • Our local car experts will visit you at a location that is convenient to you to perform the onsite car inspection so we can figure out a fair price.
  • After we come to an agreement on a fair price, you’ll receive cash for your car within 24 hours! Too easy.

Why is the best company to use to sell my car in Adelaide?

  • Our team provides a safe, fast, and simple car selling experience based on decades of car selling experience.
  • We don’t require a roadworthy, so don’t waste your time and money running around getting repairs.
  • We don’t mind which make and model of car you have, we still provide cash for cars in 24 hours of setting a price!

We love cars and we love driving. Here are some quick pointers for driving Adelaide roads:

While Adelaide may not be the biggest or busiest city in Australia, it has been known to get a bit congested during high traffic times, which tends to get drivers a little worked up. If you’re prone to road rage or you get antsy sitting in traffic, you might plan to avoid travel between 8 to 9am and 5 to 6:30 pm, as these tend to be the busiest hours on the road.

While it’s not technically the law, it is generally understood in Adelaide that the right of way goes to the largest vehicle on the road. Usually, the biggest vehicle will be a bus so if you see one pulling out of a stop, don’t try to zoom around it. The side mirrors are buses give the drivers limited visibility so they may swerve out while you are trying to pass. Buses don’t tend to drive too slowly anyway so you won’t be delayed much by letting them through, and everyone will be much safer.

If you’re driving in a residential area or in the CBD, the speed limit is likely to be 50 km/hr. This is the same for most Australian cities. Make sure you stick to the limit and note any alternative signage as a speeding ticket can cost you up to $250!

Since Adelaide isn’t a very large city compared to some, there aren’t major freeways that lead into the city centre. This is part of the quaint charm of Adelaide and means you may need to ask a local if you’re trying to find the road out of town.

If you do want to get out of the town centre and see the surrounding sites, Head read below to learn about visiting some of Australia’s most beautiful scenic areas such as Hahndorf, Barossa Valley, Hallet and Murray River, just to name a few! We’ve listed some of our favourite scenic drives in the greater Adelaide region.

Adelaide Sell My Car

Scenic Driving in the greater Adelaide region

Let us take you on a real journey, straight into the red centre of the country. This is on the longer side of scenic tours so we’ve broken it up into two parts for easier assimilation.

Part 1 provides a little pre-trip planning and cautionary advice for traversing the rugged Australian outback. Then we’ll guide you up through Port Augusta and out onto the Stuart Highway for views of the Flinder’s Ranges and the increasingly barren terrain. You might stop to see old rocket-ships in Woomera or the enormous Lake Hart salt Lakes. The final stop is the mysterious underground land of Coober Pedy where you can sleep in a cave and mine for your own opals while you prepare for part 2 of this magical desert adventure. Start here. 

selling my car adelaide underground home coober pedy

The second half of this ride is where things become very vast and very red. You might decide to drive out to the old Breakaways and Moon plain, the iconic location of Mad Max 3, or head out to Dingo Fence, the longest in the world. You can take a detour out to the enchanting Painted Desert before heading to Marla and the rough and rugged Oodnadatta track. From here you might take a dip in the Dalhousie artesian Springs before a final pitstop at the famous Erldunda Roadhouse. You can head up the Red Centre Way to walk along the edge of King’s Canyon at Watarrka National park before the last leg that brings you into the true heart of the Country, Uluru, Ayer’s Rock. If you are feeling inspired, click here and voyage on.

sell my car adelaide warning no fuel sign provides you with all the help you need when it comes to selling your car in Adelaide. So contact us today to start easy, hassle free way of selling your vehicle. We offer free car valuations and we pay cash for cars! Call 1300 788 067 or visit us at 2A Gillies St, Glen Osmond
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