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If you’re selling your BMW and you’re worried about the condition of the car, or your unsure what steps you need to take, check out some of the BMW’s we’ve seen here at We’ve listed out the cars we’ve paid for in cash over the last year or two so you can get a good idea of how you’re vehicle compares and how much cash you’ll be able to walk away with. If you’re really into BMWs and looking to upgrade to a new model, you might like to read up on a little BMW history to get a feel for what this company is all about. What does BMW stand for anyway? Read on.

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We’ve seen BMWs over ten years old to nearly new, and we’ve paid from roughly $5,000 up to $41,000. Melbourne has probably seen the most BMW sales recently, including:

A 2006 120I E87 Hatch, which sold for $5,600. This car had 111,407 Kms, missing rubber frames on the rear windows, and some general wear. It was a rear-wheel drive, automatic, with 4 doors.

A 2011 BMW 120i E88 convertible, which sold for $21,750. There were a few scratches on the doors, 76359 on the odometer; it was a RWD automatic that ran on petrol.

A 2014 BMW 218D F45 Wagon, which sold for$28,000. This automatic, diesel car was in good condition and had 21,986 kilometres.

A 2007 BMW 325i E90 Sedan, which snagged $14,000. It was a RWD, petrol, automatic car with 105,000 kms.

A 2010 BMW E90 300D Sedan that we valued at $25,000. This one had a diesel engine with RWD and 95176 kilometres.

A 2007 BMW 335i E92 Couple that Are You Selling bought as is for $16,000. This one needed to be repainted and detailed and two new tyres. It had 135256 Kms.

A 2011 BMW X5 Wagon that grabbed Thirty-Eight big ones. It had 76643 Kilometres and was in good condition.

A 2010 BMW 125i Couple that was bought for $16,500. It had scratches and an oil leak and 22,451 kms on the odometer.

Sell mY BMW 2010 125i CoupeThe team in Sydney has also purchased from quite a few ex-BMW owners in recent years. If you’re interested in comparing these to your vehicle, they included:

A 2014 BMW 320i F30 Sedan, which took the cake at $41,000. It was in pretty good condition with only 18,898 kms.

A 2006 BMW 525i sports sedan that went for $8,000. It has 174,000 kms and was an auto RWD running on petrol.

A 2008 BMW 320 Sedan exchanged for $10,000 and had 100,000 km.

A 2010 BMW X5 we bought for $15,500. This one had an engine light on, a repainted rear bar and some visible curbing on the alloys. There was no sunroof or spare key and it had 186,606 kms, 7 seats, 5 doors and was a 4WD diesel.

Sell my BMW 2007 525i

We also bought one BMW from a Perth owner for $12,000. This one was a 2007 BMW X5 with a loose front grill and handbrake button as well as some key scratches. It clocked up 120,010 kms.

That should give you an idea of the kind of cash we’re paying if you’re selling a BMW. For those looking to stay in the BMW family, have a look at some interesting pieces on the timeline of this renowned German company.

1916 marked the official foundation of Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto’s public limited company (AG) Bayerische Motoren Werke. The year after, the famous BMW emblem was created. Although it has been adapted many times since, it always incorporates the rotating propeller in the Blue and White of Bavarian State colours.

BMW emblem sell my BMW

1923 marked the first year that the company made a complete vehicle, the R32 motorcycle, as opposed to only engines as they had been making so far. By 1928, BMW had started manufacturing automobiles of it’s own in the factory in Thuringia, Germany. The first actual car was license through Austin Motor Company but a few years later, BMW replaced it with its own design.

The 1930’s was the decade for establishing a plant near Munich for the industrial production of aircraft engines. In 1941, during World War II, the company was almost entirely devoted to its role as a war materials manufacturer, rather than an automobile creator. It became a crucial piece of support for the German Air force.

Sell my BMW motorbike r35

During the war and following on after, the company started employing foreign workers in what was then accept forced labour, and not in great conditions. They most had Eastern European convict and Prisoners of War as well as Western European labourers, and finally, the concentration camp prisoners.

The first post-war car was made in 1951, known as the 501. It was a 6-seater, 6 cylinder engine luxury car. Due to its high-quality and price tag, it wasn’t immediately a success with the public. However, it did loan to BMW’s image as a technical, luxury carmaker.

Sell my BMW 501

The 1500 Model was presented in 1961 and exemplified BMW as a company that catered to the modern, sporty driver. The 4 door middle class sedan was soon a commercial success.

BMW opened up shop in the big US of A in 1994 with their South Carolina production facility. Originally it was built to put out the popular BMW z3 Roadster but now makes the X3, X4, X5 and X6.

Selling my BMW z3 roadster

At the 1999 Detroit Auto show, the BMW X5 was revealed. This all-wheel-drive off road vehicle put into place a brand new market segment for cars that take drivers beyond the suburban roads.

2001 launched the Mini hatch, the pioneer of the small-car segment. This athletic, spunky car was well received and followed by many more models.

Perhaps what can be called the hallmark of the BMW brand, the BMW 1 series, was finally launched in 2004. The following year, the Leipzig plant was opened to manufacture the 1 series as well as the 2 series convertible coupe and the active tourer.

The company made the contribution of the DriveNow concept in 2011, a new car-sharing program that eventually spread to San Francisco, Hamburg, and Berlin. They are now offering the BMW I as part of the scheme.

A recent major milestone was BMW’s own introduction of the electric car. The emission free BMW i3 was unveiled in 2013 and the i8 in 2014.

selling my BMW i8

The dynamic history of this booming car company has certainly seen darker days, yet seems to be moving further into the light as time goes on. If the recap has got you feeling excited about owning your next BMW, all that stands in the way is getting rid of your old clunky one. Hopefully you’re feeling confident that will be able to make you an offer. And we promise, it’s pretty dang easy.


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