Will Australians soon be able to buy cars online?

The Australian Government is considering a move that will allow citizens to purchase a car through an offshore website rather than waiting for it to be imported into the country.

Currently, Australians must go through a local dealership or purchase their cars privately.

The new ruling would make Australia the first country in the world to let its citizens order cars online, and is not proving popular in the car industry.

“Why does the Federal Government want to make Australia the first country in the world to do this? If it wants to make cars cheaper, it should scrap the Luxury Car Tax,” Richard Dudley, chief executive officer of the Australian Motor Industry Federation told News Corp on September 4.

The move may increase the cost of cars, however, as foreign cars are expected to cost $12,000 to ship and process and this price is on top of the purchase price of the car.

If the law change does go ahead, it could be good news if you want to sell your car as the public may turn towards cheaper models rather than paying the additional cost.

Not only that but these foreign imports will not have any warranty, making them a less secure deal. Cars sold in Australia will be covered under consumer law. This means you may be able to get some remedy if there are problems with the car itself, and the manufacturer would have to put right the fault, deficiency or failure to meet an obligation.

Another issue that is on the debating table is the idea that the cars being imported would be required to match up to UN design standards, rather than the Australian-specific design rules currently in place.