Why you should NEVER buy a car with all the options

Thinking of buying a car? It’s exciting, right? Deciding on the make, model, colour – it’s all enough to make you want to sing. But before you break out into song, let’s uncover one of the flat out lies that consumers have for years been sold. And that’s that you need to buy a car with all the available options. Why? Have a read and find out!

Pride vs. Practicality

Getting “every option” is usually just a pride-point that people love to boast about. “I just bought a new Holden with everything,” people say, with a cheek-to-cheek smile of a father whose son just scored the game winning goal for their favourite team. But I’m here to tell you why this is rarely a good idea. For one, we must remember that a car with “every option” is just a more expensive version of the a standard model. And sometimes it’s insanely more expensive. Like a do-it-yourself home renovation that ends up leaving you homeless.

Price vs. PRICE!

Let’s say your new Holden includes things like all-wheel drive, leather seats, panoramic sunroof, automated parallel parking system, V8 engine with engine block heater, and on and on and on. Buy the time you’re finished, your cars price has jumped close to 40%. So your $35,000 car now costs you in the neighbourhood of $50,000. How’s that for an increase?!

The honeymoon period

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Yeah, for the first few years all of that probably seems cool. No, I take that back. For the first six months it’s really cool. Then, as us humans tend to do, we get bored of the those same cool features. And you rarely, if ever, use the block heater. You hardly ever parallel park, and when you do the thought of that female voice guiding you makes you want to drive off a cliff. And those leather seats have burned you one too many times in the summer.

The break-up

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So, six years after you bought the car that you once referred to as your lady, the romance is over and you decide to sell ‘her’. And this is when your horrible mistake is staring you right in the face: your car is barely worth more than that base-level you ignored all those years ago because you had to have all the cool options. You’re basically screwed.

The sad truth

Ladies and gentlemen, this is for all you potential and future car buyers : it’s exciting when you’re about to buy a car. But take my word for it, if you spend the extra money to get all those cool features, you’ll never see most of that money again. So just use that money for some else. Actually, use it for almost anything else!