Which car maintenance checks should you perform monthly?

Certain checks on your car need to be performed monthly in order to keep it running in the best condition – making it easier to sell when you are ready to put it on the market. 


Check your transmission to ensure the fluid level is at a normal level. This can help to prevent damage to your engine so everything runs smoothly. You may also want to take the time to check the smell and colour of the fluid. This should be a light colour and not smell burnt or sweet.


Once a month you should have a look at your tyres – including the spare – to make sure they are at the right pressure and there is no excessive wear and tear on them. Even if your car has a tyre pressure monitoring system, it is still important to do a manual check to make sure everything is as it should be.


You should also check your lights, both the interior and exterior bulbs, to verify they are clean and working efficiently.

Check for leaks

Make sure you have a look around your car for any leaks that could signal a problem with your car. If you spot a black leak it could be your oil leaking, while clear leaks with a brownish tinge can indicate your power steering or brake fluids are leaking. If you notice anything suspicious it is best to have it checked out by your mechanic. Remember it is easier and cheaper to fix these problems when you first notice them rather than leaving them to become worse.


If you have power steering it can be good to make sure the reservoir is full enough. This should be located in the engine compartment but you can check your owner's manual for more details on how to check this correctly and which type of fluid you should add.