What’s involved in a car inspection? [VIDEO]

Are you looking to sell your car? You may wonder just how much money you will get for it.

A car valuation is a great way to gauge just how much your car is worth and check out the current market.

When you organise a car valuation with the experts at Are You Selling, they will give you a rough idea of what your car is worth over the phone.

He or she will talk about your specific car. This means more than asking its make, model, body type and series.

You will need to determine the car’s mileage and whether there have been any modifications, because these may alter your car’s value.

He or she will also talk to you about the current market conditions, giving you a better feel for the price you will realistically get when you sell your car.

If you are happy with the valuation, they will then send someone over to personally discuss your individual circumstances before making you an offer.

Having a personalised experience means your car will be properly valued so you know you are receiving the right compensation for your car.