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What Not To Do When Selling Your Car Online

If you’re selling a car online, you’ve likely done a few internet searches to find out the best platforms and methods, and how to get the best price or the fastest turn around time on a car sale. While there is so much information out there on how to sell your car, it’s equally important to consider what not to do when selling your car online, so you can stay safe and avoid any major issues. If you’re thinking of selling your car online and you haven’t considered the don’ts yet, read on!

sell my car for cash

Don’t Lie

You may not have considered lying about the car you are selling, but its a common practice on many car selling platforms. Sometimes it is simply omitting the fact that the car was in an accident, or perhaps that there is a slight leak somewhere. While it might be tempting to leave out certain details in hopes that your car is more attractive to buyers, it is dishonest and not necessarily beneficial. While some used car buyers may have an unreasonable expectation that they can get a cheap car in perfect condition, most have a realistic understanding that there will be some issues. In fact, declaring a detailed list of the known problems and wear and tear in the car gives the buyer confidence that you are honest and that they know exactly what they are getting.

Don’t take bad photos or forget to Wash your Car

If you’re choosing to sell your car privately, you probably are already aware of how it can be a total pain in the neck. However, if you’re going through with it in hopes of getting the best price (likely at the expense of your time and energy), then make sure the car looks good! The first picture someone sees of your car is their first impression and will have a big influence over whether they actually click on your ad and enquire.

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On the same vein, if a potential car buyer comes to have an inspection of your vehicle, make sure it’s clean and shiny. Just because its a used car doesn’t mean it has to be dirty. A clean car is also a sign of better care and maintenance and will go a long way in reducing the time a private sale may take.

Don’t waste time on non-serious buyers

You may feel anxious enough to sell your car that you feel like you have to engage with any and all questions from potential buyers. While it’s great to answer serious enquiries promptly and sufficiently, many people are out there looking for a cheap deal beyond what is reasonable for the car on offer. If people are engaging you with tons of questions and wanting to check out your vehicle but they haven’t expressed willingness to pay close to your asking price, you may want to reconsider giving them too much of your time.

Don’t get scammed

This is important whether you are the buyer or seller of a car. Make sure you profile your potential buyers and keep a paper trail of your exchanges. If someone has an elaborate story about being interstate and wants to buy the car without an inspection, dig a bit deeper into their story or better yet, move on to another buyer. If you’re not receiving straight cash, make sure you have a safe way to accept funds and that the sale is on the terms you set.

Don’t bring strangers to your house

It may be easier to hold car inspections from home, but you don’t really have any way to vet whether the other person is going to try anything weird. In most cases, someone interested in coming to inspect your car is probably genuinely and harmless, but if they have an alternative agenda, they will now know where you live. It’s easy to ask to meet at a public carpark or other nearby venue and they don’t need to know if you live very close by. If you’re meeting someone alone, let a friend or family member know your plans and give them the details of the other person.

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Don’t skip the paperwork

Make sure you follow-though with a transfer of ownership and keep a record of all of your exchanges. You don’t want to receive a pile of parking fines or highway tolls, a month after you sell your car, or worse, to be liable for an accident. Complete all necessary paperwork to ensure that the sale is legal and that you’re covered.

Don’t forget to check the value

A lot of people go into the car selling process without having a good sense of the true value of their car. This can result in asking for too much and receiving no offers, or perhaps going far too low and missing out on some cash for your car. Check the value of your car and include as much detail as you can with total honesty so you have a true ballpark for setting your asking price.

Don’t make major repairs

While it can be really helpful to fix up minor issues before attempting to sell your car, you don’t necessarily want to make any major repairs. It’s possible that the car sale won’t be able to make up anywhere near what you’ll spend on a major repair so you’ll end up losing a bit of money and time. Refer to the first tip about not lying about your car and allow the buyer to decide whether or not its a deal-breaker.

Don’t get emotionally attached

Are you actually ready to sell your car coming from a sentimental standpoint? Some people make the mistake of becoming emotionally attached to their vehicle to the point that they will unreasonably turn down offers or find ways to avoid or even sabotage their own car sale. You don’t have to sell your car, but if you want to, make sure you’re ready to let go!

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