Which non-luxury car tops the list for initial quality?

When buying a new car, you don’t expect to run into the same troubles you would buying used.

But believe it or not, even new can let you down directly after purchase.

So before selecting a new car, it’s important to go in armed with the knowledge of what’s generally performing well for other drivers.

Based on the results of the JD Power Initial Quality Study this year, a non-luxury brand is topping the manufacturer lists for least problems after purchase.

Some 80,000 American car buyers were sent a 220 question survey about the performance of their car in the first 90 days, with non-premium brand KIA topping the list for best initial quality.

New KIA owners reported only 80 problems per 100 vehicles with second place going to Porsche at 100 problems per 100 vehicles.

New cars can come with problems like exploding airbags

 This year’s list has taken a surprising turn, with three of the top five vehicles being non-premium brands.  This means that safer, more quality cars are in the grasp of a more new car buyers.  Number 3 for new buyer quality was Hyundai, followed by Toyota in fourth.  Rounding out the top five were luxury brands Porsche at number 2 and BMW at number 5.

Kia outperformed the industry standard, which sits at 105 problems per 100 vehicles.  It is the first time that a non-premium vehicle has topped the list since 2006.

The worst performing cars were SMART and Fiat, with SMART users reporting 212 problems per 100 vehicles and Fiat with 174 problems per 100 vehicles.

JD rated the Hyundai 2016 as the best small car, and the 2016 Toyota Camry as the best midsize vehicle.