What is the colour of your car’s oil telling you?

Checking your car's engine regularly to make sure it is ticking along as it should can help you to sell your car later on down the track, as you can guarantee the health of your vehicle.

If you are not sure what to look out for when using the dipstick to check your car's oil levels, here is a quick guide.

Amber liquid

New car oil is generally an amber colour and will naturally darken over time. To determine how your car oil darkens (each model will vary) you could check it every few weeks. This will give you a good gauge. Plus, this way you are sure to change it when it needs it!

Milky, foamy, and/or cream-coloured oil 

It you notice that your car oil has changed to become more milky, it could indicate you have a head gasket leak. If this is the case you may also notice white smoke in your exhaust and your car may lose coolant. It is best to get your car down to your mechanic quick smart to have this solved before it becomes even more of a problem for you and makes it harder to sell your car later on.

If it has a creamy and frothy texture, it could be water contamination. This is more likely if there is no white smoke and your coolant levels are normal.

Thick and dark oil

While your car's oil will naturally darken over time, if it becomes thick and dark it generally means there are contaminants or dirt in the tank. This means it is time to change your oil. This liquid often becomes dark and thick if you have exposed your engine to dust by going off-roading or travelling along country roads.