What are ISOFIX seats?

Australia has recently announced changes to the mandatory safety standard of motor vehicles Down Under that has been designed to make travelling safer for children.

The new standard allows for the inclusion of ISOFIX attachments, which have been used around the world for many years.

What are ISOFIX attachments?

ISOFIX is an international system that allows you to more easily (and more safely) install a child car seat into your car. This system removes the need for vehicle seat belts, as it is made up of two standard attachment points, which are located on the base of the seat. It also features an anti-tipping forward device in the shape of either a support leg or top tether.

Why consider ISOFIX?

If you are expecting a child in the near future, you may be contemplating selling your car in order to upgrade to one that has these attachments in place. 

With around 1,000 children seriously injured every year by motor accidents in Australia, this could be a way to protect them in the event of a crash.

"I encourage all parents and carers to have an approved safety device fitted to their child's car seat to help protect their loved ones and reduce injuries in the event of a crash," said the Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson in a September 19 statement. 

How can you install a car seat using ISOFIX attachments?

ISOFIX attachments allow you to clip two rigid or flexible anchorage points to the back car seat. This means movement between the child seat and belt clip will be restricted in the event of a crash.

Less force will be applied to your child in the event in a crash. Not only that but these seats are easier to install, which means there will be a smaller chance of installing it incorrectly.