Top tips to have your car ready for sale [VIDEO]

Selling your car is not always easy. However, choosing to sell your car with AreYouSelling will take all the stress out of the process.

The team can provide you with a quick and accurate price so you don't need to go to the hassle of vetting buyers or waiting to see how much your car is worth.
Before the team come around to do a valuation, it is important your car is ready for sale.

First, give it kerb appeal. When you sell a house, you want to make sure it looks good from the outside and the same goes for your car.
Give it a good clean so it is looking its best. This means vacuuming the inside as well as washing and polishing the exterior.

Next, take out all your belongings. Before your car goes on the market, you will want to ensure it is not cluttered and that you have taken out all your personal items such as your first aid kit, CDs or satellite navigation units.

Finally, get your car checked by a mechanic. A mechanic can check your car and give a report on its condition. This will make it easier to work out the car's true value