Top tips for driving more efficiently

Chances are when you begin to drive with fuel efficiency on your mind, your driving will become safer and your car will last longer. This lack of wear will make selling your car easier as it's likely to make it more attractive to buyers down the line.

Here are some top tips to improve your fuel efficiency and help you drive more safely.

Drive smoothly

Rather than slowing down abruptly and then speeding up, it is much more efficient – and gentle on your car – to drive smoothly.

This means looking ahead in traffic and maintaining a steady speed where possible.

Keep your speed down

You may not realise that keeping your speed down can play a huge part in your fuel efficiency as well as in your car's longevity.

Travelling at 110kmh instead of 95kmh can increase your fuel use by as much as 25 per cent, according to the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ), and can cause your tyres to wear more quickly. 

Schedule your trips carefully

A car with a lower number on the speedometer will be easier to sell down the track, so where you can avoid taking extra trips. This could be as simple as scheduling your drives so you combine two chores in one trip. Remember that cars are at their least fuel efficient at the start of trips and during shorter excursions. 

Care for your car

Looking after your car will not only help it to run more efficiently but can help you to sell it in future – as it will mean your car is tuned correctly and is in good condition. 

Make sure your car maintenance also includes your tyres, as correct tyre pressure will improve your car's handling and decrease fuel consumption.