Top 10 things you need to keep in your car

Hope for the best and plan for the worst…

This simple saying shouldn’t be overlooked in regards to your car.

With that being said, here are 10 things you should always keep in your car in case of emergency.

Thank us later…

1. Tyre gauge

A minute of your time every two weeks can save hours if you ever become stranded, and it’s as easy as keeping a tyre gauge in your car.

Proper inflation is critical to car safety and tyre wear.  By keeping an eye on tyre pressure, you could prevent a disaster.

Digital gauges are the best form of measurement to maintain the ideal pressure which will be indicated on the tyre itself, the driver’s doorjamb and in your cars manual.

2. Phone charger

Some new cars have phone docking and charging capability as standard features.

If this isn’t built in on your car, have a portable charger on hand. If your car quits and you have to deal with a dead car battery, you might not have the ability to charge a drained phone.

3. A battery torch


Yes, there is an iPhone app for a flashlight, and it can be extremely handy to have when the situation is inconvenient but not necessarily dire.

However, a good quality torch will last much longer than your phone, and shine a lot more light.

4. Jumper leads

If you understand how to use them properly, jumper leads can get you (or another driver) out of trouble following a flat battery.

Just check your owner’s manual to confirm the type of cables or booster system you can safely use. The traditional four-clamp setup may not be an option, or there may be specific points in your engine bay to serve as connectors, as opposed to the battery posts themselves.

5. A map

Even though your phone probably has maps installed, it pays to have an old school hardcopy, printed map stored in your car because you can’t rely on having mobile coverage or a full battery when you are out of range.

6. Basic First Aid kit


You don’t have to keep an elaborate supply of medical gear in your boot or glove box, but, until help arrives, a small kit of the essentials can make a big difference.

7. An umbrella

Trying to fix a flat tyre or dealing with any other kind of emergency when it’s pouring rain is not much fun, so it always pays to have an old umbrella stashed away.

A poncho’s helpful too, which can also function as a makeshift blanket later on if needed.

8. Fire extinguisher

A small extinguisher designed for automotive use keeps minor electrical and engine fires from getting out of hand. You might never have to use it… But imagine yourself without one when you have a sudden fire to deal with.

9. Drinking water

Have a few bottles of water handy, and replace them from time to time. The idea is that you’ll have the bare minimum to keep you going when help could be many hours away.

10. Insurance information

Any meeting of metal is never good, but being able to contact your insurance company and exchange information helps. As for registration, it’s always good to have proof that you, your car and its license plates all belong together.