Tips to help you drive in fog

In order to ensure you secure a better deal when it comes time to sell your car, it is essential to take care of your vehicle in weather conditions such as fog.

Here are a few tips to have you navigating this blanketing mist like a pro.

Use your lights effectively

It is essential to turn on your headlights so you can see what is coming toward you so other cars can see you.

However, high beam lights will be reflected back off the fog and further impair your visibility. Choose your low beam or fog lights as these will be able to provide just enough light to keep you going.

Reduce your speed

Whenever you have a problem with visibility it is essential to do all you can to prevent accidents on the road. This may mean slowing down so you lower your risk of crashing.

Remember that fog may make you feel you are going slower. It can be tempting to put your foot down, but keeping an eye on your speedometer is essential as this is your best guide in foggy conditions.

Increase your stopping distance

When you are driving in fog it can be hard to see what is happening in front of you, so you should increase your safety gap from three seconds to ensure you have plenty of time to slow down should you need to.

Keep left

Other motorists may also be having a tough time with their visibility and it is essential to reduce the risk for all road users – keep as far left as you can.

Use your demister and windscreen wipers

In order to keep your windscreen and mirrors as clear as possible to improve your view of the road, use all the equipment available.