The pitfalls of selling your car privately

When the time comes to move on and sell your car for cash, you have several options available to you. You could trade your car in for a new one at your local dealer, ask around friends and family, sell it yourself privately or opt for a car buying group.

The advantage of a professional car buying group is they can give you a better price than a dealer would, with less hassle and stress involved on your part. A car buying group such as AreYouSelling will take the car off your hands so you don't have to stress about it any more, making the entire process fast and easy.

If you're still not convinced, here are a few pitfalls that can come with selling your car privately.

You're on your own

When you sell privately, the burden is placed entirely on your shoulders. You have sole responsibility for advertising your car, finding the right buyer, organising all of the paperwork and all the other tasks associated with moving on from a used vehicle.

Not only is it time-consuming and tedious, at the end of the day there's no guarantee you will find a genuine interested buyer. It could take months and even years to line up a sale you feel is worth it, while the unused vehicle sits around occupying space.

With a professional car buying group, the process is accelerated rapidly. There's almost no effort needed on your part, and payment is guaranteed before collection.

Exposure to scams

When you're selling through private means or on a website, you have no way of knowing if a buyer is legitimately interested. Unfortunately, car sale scams are relatively common and both buyers and sellers can be at risk.

If you're not selling to a professional and established car buying group, the onus is on you to check that your buyer's history, payment and purchase intention are all genuine.