Obnoxious overtaking

The Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do

There are plenty of annoying things done by other drivers on the road that, of course, we’re never guilty of ourselves.

But if you are susceptible to the odd lapse in concentration and behaviour, while driving, perhaps these points might strike a chord.

Blinking Madness

The car in front has had its left indicator on for the last five kilometres, ignoring every left turn it’s passed. But further on, it takes a swift turn left, long after the indicator’s been turned off. It’s blinking easy. Turn the indicator off when you’ve turned or changed lanes, and give us all a break.

Tailgate Trouble

This is one of the most annoying driving habits, and some people do it as a matter of course. But it won’t get you to your destination any faster. It might, however, cause a nasty road rage incident, or even a crash if you try to force the car in front to move over by intimidating them.  If you hit someone from behind, remember, it’s always your fault for following too closely. So check your wallet before you try it again – it might be expensive.


Royal Road Rage

Obnoxious Overtaking

We’ve all experienced it – the terrifying rush of blood to the head when someone overtakes us as a car or truck is bearing down in the opposite direction. Perhaps we’ve done it ourselves, perish the thought.  No matter how pressing it might seem at the time, nothing is worth the prospect of major crash and catastrophe, and especially not being late for work, or about to miss the start of some pressing engagement. You can’t apologise for being late if you’re dead. Bear in mind, too, another nightmare scenario. It might not be yourself you kill, but someone else.

Speeding for Australia

Have you noticed how often the drivers who weave in and out of traffic, overtaking rashly and breaking all the speed limits, are only one or two cars in front of you when you pull up at the next set of traffic lights? All that nervous energy and angst for nothing. Again, if you take someone else out through your own inability to behave, you’ll live with it for the rest of your life.

Angry driver gesticulating

Hogging the Fast Lane

Now come on, isn’t this one of our all-time driving hates? It takes a Saint not to get steamed up when the Suzuki Swift sails happily along in the right-hand lane, leaving the bigger cars in a clogged-up heap behind it. If you’re small, or slow, or taking it easy, choose the left lane. No-one has a right to get angry with you there. The faster guys can get cracking and do their thing in the fast lane. And anyway, do you really want some crazy speedster cranking up his blood pressure behind you? Let him pass and enjoy your day.

Pumping the Brake

You know how it goes; the brake lights of the car in front of you are lit up like a Christmas tree. The driver keeps tapping his brakes for no apparent reason, and the whole line of traffic plays stop-start all along the highway. If you overuse your brakes, you are ‘crying wolf’; when you really need to stop in a hurry, the car behind might not, as he or she has long since stopped paying attention to your brake lights.

Don’t Fence me in

You return to your parked car, and the phantom Boxer has been hard at work. Your large sedan is snugly sandwiched between the cars in front and behind, making an exit impossible. If a parking spot doesn’t allow for a generous space front and back, find another. You might be delighted to have found a spot right outside your favourite shop, but the drivers of the cars on either side might want to box your ears if you box them in.

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