Take the pain out of selling a car

SELLING a car privately is a rite of passage that makes some life-changing events seem about as challenging as a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Faced with a choice, many would opt for moving house, starting a new job or the birth of a child before subjecting themselves to the stress of dealing with strangers poring over their vehicle with no intention of making a genuine offer.

In many cases, naive sellers don’t have the skill, the knowledge or the patience to negotiate a fair deal. And unlucky ones risk being fleeced by scammers, bullied by experienced buyers and frustrated by broken promises.

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Is it any surprise many are prepared to accept any price from dealers to avoid putting themselves through such pain?

Well, there is another way.

AreYouSelling.com.au is one of Australia’s largest buyers of used vehicles. Our only requirements are that the car is no older than 2002 and has less than 180,000km on the clock.

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Our solution is quick, trouble-free and gives you a fair price for your unwanted vehicle.

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The money is often in your bank account within 24 hours and you have nothing else to do. We take care of the paperwork and can even make sure your finance company is paid if you still owe them money.

We help thousands of people every year whose circumstances don’t give them months to wait for the right buyer to make them an offer. They include:

  • Moving interstate or overseas.
  • Requiring an urgent sale because of changes to their finances.
  • Inheriting a car from a deceased or elderly relative who can no longer drive.
  • Losing their drivers licence.
  • Changing family or work situations.
  • Needing to upgrade or change their car.
  • Upsizing.
  • Downsizing.
  • Relationship breakdowns.

Buying hundreds of cars every month gives us a unique insight into what car sellers want and why they become frustrated with the process.

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