Spotting the bad used car sales person

Here are the 6 classic used car salesman characteristics that we found:

Mr. Bad First Impression:


1. As soon as you meet him he says something you don’t like. A bad joke, an inappropriate comment, or he’s just life-less robot pretending to be human. You’re in the market to buy, but this guy immediately lets you down.

The Hard Seller:


2. This is the guy that simply won’t leave you alone, or take no for an answer. Which results in you automatically go on the defensive. The reality is simple: no one wants to be pressured – especially when they’re making such a major financial decision

The Good Ol’ Bait and Switch Expert:


3. You see a flyer with a car advertised for an unbelievable price. You arrive at the dealership and… just your luck, they’re all sold out of that model. But they can show some other cars that you might like (even though they’ve never met you and have no idea what your taste is) – and of course they’re not even close to being as cheap as the one you originally came for.

The One’s With The Alligator Smile:


4. I don’t even need to explain this guy to you – but I will. He’s the type of guy smiling in your face, but you’re sure he’d push his own grandma aside to get to a $2 coin. He just wreaks of dishonesty, and every alarm in your body is telling you so!

The Over-Friendly All The Time:


5. There are friendly people in the world, and then there’s this guy. He’s the type of guy that’s either on something, or just too good to be true. He’s too kind, too giving, and just plain too much. Mother Teresa would likely think this guy was hiding something.

The Overly Honest:

Lying businessman observing his long nose

6. They have all the insider information that they shouldn’t be telling you. Problem is, they’re telling everyone who’ll listen. And just like that you feel about as special as a cough – not very.

So that’s our list. What do you think? Are you a used car salesman? If so, let us know. We love comments , feedback, and participation!