Sneak Peak into Mercedes-Benz’s Factory

Ever wondered what goes on inside an assembly plant? Me too.

Inside the Düsseldorf factory, you’ll find popular builds like the Sprinter Van where humans are scarce and machines are fierce.

Since 1995, 3.4 million Sprinters have rolled off the production line, with 200,000 Sprinter vans rolling off the production line in Düsseldorf every year (including every Sprinter Van on Australia’s roads). It takes around 2 days for a Sprinter to be completed from start to end, a combination of machine and human workers.

To keep up with the increasing demands of the production line, the factory has expanded upwards, now spreading over 3 storeys! Inside you’ll find lifts, cranes, pulleys, robots & even people all working in unison to create the masterpiece.  Interestingly enough (but perhaps not surprising), 80% of the work is completed by robots, manoeuvring, positioning, installing & welding.

Have you ever been inside a car manufacturing plant? If so, tell us about your experience!

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