Skoda: The Underrated Car

Skoda, one of the oldest automobile producers in the world, could be one of the most underrated car brands in Australia. Producing respected, high-quality vehicles, it is no surprise it was awarded the Best Family Car title in 2016 for Skoda Superb 162TSI wagon.

Skoda Superb 162TSI Wagon

In 2018 Skoda sold 5,807 cars in Australia, doubling its sales over the last 5 years. Forecasts are suggesting that it will continue to increase over the next financial year reaching new record highs. The Czech car manufacturer says that the demand in Australia is outstripping supply, however, due to its law production capacity, it is unlikely that sales will double again in Australia by 2023.

The recently approved construction of a new plant will no doubt see the manufacturer reach new heights worldwide.

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