How Should I Sell My Car?

You’re moving on from your current vehicle, for whatever reason, and so the age old question emerges, what is the best method of selling a car? There are so many options for doing so, each with their own set of pros and cons, which can start to the make the decision process a little confusing.

Here, we’ve unpacked the four most popular methods, so if you’ve found yourself in a position of asking yourself, “how am I going to sell my car?” read on!

Car auction

Selling your vehicle in a car auction is usually a pretty quick and painless process. You don’t have to deal with talking to buyers like you do in a private sale; negotiating and trying to make sure you don’t get ripped off.

At the same time, though, you’re definitely not going to get the best price possible if you go into a car auction. You’re also going to have to pay an entrance fee, which means that you end up earning even less of a profit.

All in all, it’s an easy option but not one that will benefit your back pocket as much.

Trade in

The trade in is similar to the car auction in that it is incredibly quick and simple, but certainly not the best deal you could get. It one ups the car auction in that you don’t have to pay any sort of fee for getting rid of your car, but then again the dealer is likely to give you even less than a buyer at an auction might.

In saying that, you do have a bit more control over the price you get in a trade in, as you can sometimes negotiate with the dealer to get more money. If you do opt for a trade in, make sure you don’t mention that you have a car until the very last minute, as often dealers will try to incorporate the value of your old vehicle into a deal for purchasing your new one, and you definitely won’t get the most money possible doing that.

Private Sale

If you’re willing to put the hard yards in, it can really pay off (literally). Selling your car through a private sale is a popular choice, as it allows you to have complete freedom over pricing and who ends up with your beloved vehicle.

However, there are some major drawcards to this method that can really set people back. For starters, most people don’t have an extensive sales background, and knowing the best way to make your car stand out to buyers is a bit of an art form. There’s also the fact that you have to go out of your way to make time to meet with buyers, and they can often be non-committal to say the least.

This kind of frustration can last for months upon months, so if you have a sense of urgency to selling your car a private sale can be a risky pathway. That being said, it probably is the best method for being profitable; you just have to weigh that up against the value of your time and effort.

Car buyer company

Selling your car to a car buyer company is a bit of a happy medium between ease and cost. While you’re not quite as in control over the pricing as you may be with a private sale, you’re far more likely to get a better deal than you would in an auction or trade in.

On the effort side of things, it really couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is ask a company for a quote, they’ll give you one, and if you’re happy, that’s it; take the cash and walk away with one less car in your possession. In fact, by clicking here you can get the process started right now!


There are a lot of aspects to consider when selling your car, and it really comes down to your personal situation and preferences. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you never do anything that you’re not comfortable with, and happy selling!