Say It With Style: Best Car Number Plates

If you think it’s hard to get creative when trying to stick to Twitter’s 140 character limit, then try coming up with something on the even more limiting space of a car number plate. It seems almost impossible, but there are always those clever few people out there that make road trips or even mundane drives to work a little more interesting when they cruise by, their vanity plates forever beaming some sort of profound, or at least funny, phrase.

Are You Selling has put together a list of some of our favourites; enjoy!

1. The #yolo

Source: Cool Cars & Girls
Source: Cool Cars & Girls

“Y SAVE”, this car bravely asks, and for some rev heads it’s a serious question… why save when you could buy your dream car and invest your money into paying it back? Having a responsible savings account? Puh-lease!

2. The self-fulfilling prophecy

Source: Drivesome
Source: Drivesome

Well, he was kind of asking for it when getting a number plate that says “HI OFICR” (Hi Officer), wasn’t he? We just love that the second officer in the squad car obviously took this picture.

Source: Distractify
Source: Distractify

We think (hope) this was on purpose, but either way it’s hilarious!

3. The following a theme

PTDFOO Number Plate
Source: Imgur

Who doesn’t love a bit of Mr T, especially when he’s pointing at you from the back of a van and saying his token “I pity the fool!” (PTDFOO)

Pirate Number Plate
Source: Funny Pictures

Although we can’t be 100% certain, we think this person might have a bit of a love for pirates?

4. The back story

Was His Number Plate
Source: Passion Ford

Don’t you want to know what was happening with this car to spark a “WAS HIS” number plate? Even if it completely a joke, it’s super clever and creates a very mysterious element of a back story.

Plz Stop Number Plate
Source: Distractify

Depending on when this number plate was installed, maybe this one is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than an interesting back story…

5. The ‘working with what you’ve got’

Cheap Number Plate
Source: Consumer Action Group

Who says you have to have a crazily expensive, flashy car to get the most out of a fun number plate? The owner of this car isn’t trying to kid anyone – they know exactly what they’re driving around and they’re not afraid to broadcast it!

Vlad The Impala Number Plate
Source: Distractify

Talk about being resourceful – we wonder if they bought an Impala purely to complete it with a “Vlad the Impala” number plate, or if that brilliant thought came after.

6. The ‘I’m not sure whether to laugh’

It's Over Number Plate
Source: Kars4Kids

We suppose it’s good to have a bit of a sense of humour if you’re in the funeral business, but do you have to make the number plate of your hearse as grim and foreboding as “ITS OVER” (it’s over)? Still, pretty noteworthy.

Blond Number Plate
Source: Distractify

They did this on purpose to be ironic… right? Right?! No, of course they did. That’s what makes it so funny… we think.

7. The Captain Obvious

I'm A Car Number Plate
Source: Distractify

And then, there’s always one…

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