ReinCARnation – Giving Cars New Life Through Upcycling

No matter how well our favourite vehicles are made, or how well we maintain them, sometimes it just comes to that time where they don’t run anymore. If they’ve done less than 185,000km and they were made after 2001, you might want to consider getting the best deal by selling your car to Are You Selling; otherwise maybe some of the following “upcycling” ideas might come in handy.

Upcycling is kind of like recycling, but rather than pulling apart your prized vehicle to turn it into scrap heap, it gets repurposed to bring it a new life. A rein-car-nation, if you will.

Here we’ve compiled just some of the many brilliant ideas out there for giving vehicles new life and upcycling them into something that is useful, unique, and awesome!

Throw another shrimp on the Car-beque

Uprecycling: car barbeque
Source: Pinterest

Why not invite your friends around for a BBQ; automobile style? Who doesn’t want a steak grilled up on the front of a car that’s been gutted and repurposed? Obviously there’s quite a safety aspect to consider here (cars + fire usually = big no no), but not when it’s been upcycled correctly to really be a BBQ within a car shell.

A little light reading, anyone?

Upcycled Car Book Shelf
Source: Pinterest

Reading and driving isn’t a safe option, but that doesn’t mean the two can’t go hand in hand once a vehicle has retired from the road. This upcycling project is an impressive one, and one that looks like it took a lot of work. Not to mention how difficult it would be to securely attach the bulky vehicle to the wall. And while we’re being picky, it doesn’t actually seem like there’s all that much storage space available‚Ķ

BUT all of that is surely worth it for probably one of the most unique book shelfs you’ll ever come across.

Switch around some gears to create music for your ears

Upcycled Car Instrument
Source: Pinterest

Full disclosure: we have no idea if this actually sounds any good. But it certainly looks incredible, and is a true stroke of genius on someone’s behalf. There are a number of car parts that have gone into the making of this awesome instrument, including the impressive use of a windscreen wiper as a bow.

What else to say except bravo!

Some sneaky snooker is on the cards

Upcycled Car Pool Table
Source: Pinterest

Ever felt a bit bored by the plain wooden pool tables out there? Why not upcycle a car to make a seriously awesome looking spot to relax and sink a few balls instead? This is an awesome idea for anyone who has a classic vehicle they love the look of that just isn’t running like it used to.

Work; meet play

Upcycled Car Work Desk
Source: Pinterest
Upcycled Car Office Desk
Source: Pinterest

Good luck trying to get any work done at all in these desks. You’ll probably want to just stare at it all day, and so will everyone else in your office! If only these came in Ikea flat packs, and didn’t probably require hours upon hours of work (or lots of money).