Petrol Prices Are the Talk of the Town around Australia

Petrol prices have been a particular hot topic over the last month or so, thanks to the rate at which they’ve been plummeting. Motorists in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide in particular have been enjoying some seriously superb savings, with petrol sitting mainly sitting around the $1.10 mark and slipping even further in some cases.

However, it hasn’t all been smiles and high-fives over better-looking bank statements; people in rural areas around Australia and Brisbane-ites have been missing out. Experts say this is due to the lack of competition, but with Brisbane being the only capital city to still be paying around the $1.20 or even more mark, and reports from Townsville saying locals are shelling out around $1.40-1.50 a litre, it doesn’t seem incredibly fair.

There’s also that nagging little voice in the back of all our minds that all good things must come to an end. Already there are motor industry experts warning us that it could be this very weekend that petrol prices start to climb up again.

So if you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or Adelaide, it might be time to fill up your petrol tank now! And if you’re in rural Australia or Brisbane, unfortunately I guess it doesn’t matter when you visit the petrol pumps.

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