Out with the old, in with the new!



To celebrate Mazda‘s 50th birthday of its first production, we thought it would only be right to reminisce over the good times and see how far this brand has come.

Debuting in the 1964 Tokyo motor show, Mazda’s Cosmo Sport 110S was the world’s first production twin-rotor, rotary-engined car. This being Mazda’s first sports car, consumers received a taste of what was to come. Only 1176 Cosmo Sport’s were built, but it’s impact went far beyond, paving the way for cars of its kind.

cosmo sport

The peek point of Mazda’s development of the rotary engine was when the quad-rotor-powered Mazda 787B, of which 1.99 million vehicles were produced – from sports cars to sedans to 26-passenger buses!

Rumour has it by 2020 we’ll see some fresh designs from this company, until then we’ll continue to admire the impact Mazda has had over the last 50 years.

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