New TAFE Course Aims to Boost Women in the Auto Industry

In Australia, for every 1 woman working as a mechanic you’ll find approximately 113 of her male counterparts; that’s 69,456 males to only 614 females. These staggering statistics show a huge gender imbalance in the auto industry, but a Sydney TAFE is intent on shifting this.

Last Friday (December 12), nine women graduated from the brand new Women in Auto Trades program, which was the first of its kind in Australia. The five week program was sponsored by Fiat Chrysler Australia, and aimed to empower women in the male-dominated world of mechanics.

It’s also about meeting a dire skills shortage, with an estimated need for 22,000 workers with mechanical skills needed within Australia alone.

Although this may feel like a baby step, it’s a baby step in the right direction toward gender equality within the auto industry, and the team at Are You Selling think that’s incredible!

Find out more at the Women in Auto Trades website –


Picture Source: Cars Guide

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