Selling my Car in Melbourne Fox Classic Car Collection

Melbourne Car Lovers, this one’s for you.

Over here at you will pretty much find a bunch of car lovers and enthusiasts. While we might spend a handful of our days meeting local sellers and picking up cars around Melbourne, we also like to suss out events and experiences that bring like-minded car people together to enjoy all things vehicles. So whether you’ve got one yourself, or you’re linked to one of those car people, you might be interested in some of the activities and venues below.

This first idea is especially good if you know anyone who gets really pumped about fast, powerful sports cars but just never really had the chance to let loose into their fantasy. Half an hours drive South-East on the M1 from the CBD lies Victoria’s Sandown Raceway, now commonly known as Ladbroke’s Park Sandown Racecourse. The entrance lies off Princes Highway in Springvale from Racecourse Drive. This is where, for three exhilarating hours, you can experience the thrill of slamming the pedal on a V8 race car with speeds up to 200 km/h. Just to top off the dream fulfilment, the driving takes place on a championship racetrack and all instructors are professional race car drivers. If that really gets you going, check out the website to read some testimonials and make a booking.

Sell my Car Melbourne Sandown v8 racing

Experience a day as a V8 race car driving as Melbourne Sandown Raceway. 

Now, not everyone enjoys their heart beating double time or their blood pumping in theirs ears during a relaxing day off. Never fear, there is another way to get visceral with your dreams. Just north of the city on Lygon street in Carlton is the bustling Cafe Correto.  You may be wondering, what a lively Italian restaurant and generous servings of pasta and pizza have to do with your interest in cars. Well, other than the life-sized F1 Ferrari suspended from the ceiling, the whole place reads like a Ferrari-owner’s club mixed with the comfort of Little Italy. Yeah, we know it’s a little cheesy, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need. Check out some reviews here.

Sell my Car Melbourne Ferrari Cafe Coretto

Melbourne’s Cafe Coretto, the place for indulging inItalian food and Ferraris.  

If you’re a little more serious about the whole vehicle thing but you don’t dig the idea of solo race car driving, you might be happy to know that there is a dedicated, open, and friendly meet up group for Melbourne car enthusiasts. The meetups are organised through the online page and entail things like hanging out over coffee and talking about cars to attending festivals as a crew, or going on drives together. The group doesn’t even mind if you don’t have your own car! If that sounds nice to you head over to their site and join in, you might even make a few friends in the area.

Sell my Car in Melbourne Enthusiasts Meetup

Melbourne Car enthusiasts hanging out and planing their next Meet up event. 

Already got your group of friends on wheels? Well, there is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you guys and it takes place all around Melbourne CBD. The Insomnia Race is a Car-based I Spy Scavenger Hunt. ‘What on earth is that?’ you might be asking yourself. Well, it includes precisely what any respectable I spy Scavenger Hunt should, such as a made-up Secret Service Agent IDs, torches, a bit of cash, and a charged up smart phone with the appropriate app enabled. Participants need to leave the high heels at home, be sober, and be over 18. Interested yet? You’ll get specific instructions on the secret meetings location and your given mission when you sign up. So get four of your dedicated driving buddies and accept the mission.

Sell my car in Melbourne Insomnia Car Race

Melbourne Insomnia Racers in full secret identity before the race. 

Perhaps you’d like a more passive way to enjoy these racing metal machines? In Melbourne’s Docklands precinct, on display in the historic Queen’s Warehouse building is a modest $15 Million dollar Fox Classic Car collection. Included in this prestige ensemble are Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, Bentley and Ferrari makes, with up to 80 shimmering vehicles open for any one viewing. Here there is no need to be shy about your fervent automobile passion as all specifications, design details and engine features are provided for you to nerd out on. Check out the hours and location over here.

Selling my Car in Melbourne Fox Classic Car Collection

The shining goodies at the Melbourne Fox Car Collection. 

The last resource we will point out is for those purists who aren’t all that interested in cars other than their own beloved make, model, year, colour, star sign…. well, maybe not that specific but you get the point. RACV has kindly provided a master list of car clubs ranging from Veteran, Vintage, and Classic Vehicles of Wangaratta, to the Hudson Essex Terraplane Car club of Victoria. Have a flick through here to see if you can find your people.

Thanks for tuning in Melbourne car people, we hope to see you on the roads.