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Maintaining car value: Melbourne

Many Melbourne driver’s are cruising Victorian roads in one of Australia’s favourite cars like the Mazda3, the Toyota Corolla or Hilux, the Ford Ranger, the Hyundai i30 or the long-loved Holden Commodore. These popular models, and several more, tend to change hands several times throughout their vehicles lives. Many car owners selling a car in Melbourne just want to get their used car off their hands and get cash for their car once they’ve decided to upgrade or rely on public transport, but others want to put in the extra work over time to make sure they get the most out of their sale. We’ve put together a list of some things you can do before selling your car that will either retain or boost the resale value and make sure the next owner is in good hands.

selling my car in melbourne


We’ve heard of preventative health for our bodies, getting enough rest, regular exercise, healthy diets. It’s a similar idea for our cars. A little more effort along the way pays out a lot down the line. The easiest way to prevent expensive costs in the future is to keep up with maintenance as you go. That means fixing small issues when they’re still small, and keeping a detailed history of all your services. When selling your car in Melbourne, potential buyers value an up-to-date service history so they know that the health of the car is more than skin deep.

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Clean Regularly:

This might seem like an obvious tip but it’s surprising how many car owners opt out of cleaning on a regular basis. Letting grime and odours build up over several years with a plan to give a good clean before selling isn’t the best idea. Car paint even wears off an fades if it has dirt and residue on it long-term. If you can manage, polish and even wax your car a couple of times a year and it will do wonders for the aesthetic life-span.

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Repair small dents:

Getting small scratches and dents is relatively cheap, but its often an expense that car-sellers forgo assuming it’s a waste of money. Spend the extra dollars and the value of your used car may go up quite a bit, and in some cases you can simply repair dents yourself. While each ding might seem small on its own, a car that’s covered in lots of little blemishes tends to look old and worn down, even if the mechanics are still going strong.

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Keep it protected:

We all know that off-road driving puts a lot of strain on even the most robust vehicle, but many city-bound vehicles take a beating simply from consistent battering by the elements. Wind, rain, hail and dust all have an obvious effect on a cars exterior but things like sunlight, bird droppings and debris or branches falling can seriously age your vehicle as well. The best scenario is to keep your car parked in a garage. If that’s not possible, do your best to park away from trees or bird perches and you may even consider a cover.

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Care after an accident:

Even minor incidents can severely decrease the resale value of the car if things aren’t repaired properly. Make sure to get professional, certified service in the aftermath of an accident and keep a detailed log to assure future buyers that all is in working order.

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Protect the interior:

The shiny paint job may be the first thing someone sees when purchasing your car, and its important that this is in good shape, but make sure you consider what the experience will be like when they get inside for a test drive. Are the seats torn or stained, are their strong odours? Do your best to keep cigarette smoke outside the vehicle as this is one of the top ways to put off a buyer. Investing in a set of seat covers is also a cost-effective way to keep things looking new until the end.

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Low Mileage:

While the point of having a car is to drive it, mileage has been found to be one of the major factors in resale price, regardless of the overall upkeep of a vehicle. If you know ahead of time that you’re going to sell your car, you might want to try to find the new owner before the 100,000km mark. If you’re way past this already, just be wary next time you’re hitting a major milestone and try to keep it on the low side.

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While the population is constantly growing, selling a car in Melbourne can still be tricky as buyers are increasingly wary. Do your best to maintain your vehicle and the process will absolutely be a smoother one. If you’ve already gotten to the point of sale and you hadn’t considered any of these tips along the way, or perhaps you just can’t be bothered with the car selling hassle, get in touch with us today and we’ll make sure you have cash for your car in no time.