How to make your car battery last longer

If you have ever had your car battery go flat, you know how inconvenient it can be! [deleted line break] However, there are a few small tricks you can try in order to make your car's battery last the distance. 

Clean your battery

As a general rule, car batteries work better when they are kept clean and tidy.

Make sure you remove corrosion as this can prevent the current passing from the battery to the cables. Not only that, but this will make your battery look in better shape, so it will be easier to sell your car further down the track.

Drive regularly

This can help your battery to last longer. Leaving your car stationary for an extended period of time can affect your battery's charge. 

However, it is also best to avoid taking only short spins, as starting the battery can tax your battery even more. The less often you start your car, the less work your battery will have to do in order to hold a charge. 

Avoid draining the battery completely

While it is essential to take your car out regularly, you should avoid draining the battery. If you can, try not to leave vehicle accessories, such as your heater and satellite navigation systems, on as this can make your battery go flat, so it requires a recharge. Recharging can shorten your car battery's lifespan.

Take care when jump starting

The electronics in modern cars can be damaged if you jump start a flat car battery. In these instances it is best to call for road side assistance to help you get back on the road more quickly.

Service your engine regularly

You should have your engine looked at regularly to ensure it is running as it should. If it is not in good nick, your battery may become overheated and this can reduce its lifespan.