How to get your car ready for sale?

If you are planning on selling your car, there's no doubt you will want to make sure it is in the best condition possible to ensure you have an easy sale.

Here are some top ways to prepare your car for sale.


Make sure you scrub your car from top to bottom – including the inside. Check your backseat and boot to make sure there is no rubbish or personal belongings lying around.

Essentially the aim is to make sure your car looks well-cared for and maintained.

Consider having it detailed

Getting your car professionally detailed can help you to add resale value. It can help your car look new by removing small scratches and paint imperfections that can occur as part of normal wear and tear. A car detailing can also help by shampooing the carpets and degreasing the engine so the entire car looks and smells clean and tidy.

Get it serviced

Rather than the new buyer discovering any flaws with your car, it is best to have it professionally serviced so any work can be done before you sell it. You should also have your car's oil changed as many buyers will know to check this.

Make any necessary repairs

Whether it be replacing old fuses or worn tyres, it is essential to ensure no part of your car poses a safety threat to a new owner.

Remember, tyres must have a tread of at least 1.5mm in order to be legal. 

Get all your documentation in order

This includes your registration details as well as any information about repairs as this can help buyers to understand how well your car has been looked after.

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