How to detail your car like a professional

Getting your car detailed before you try to sell it can help you to boost its resale value as it'll look clean and taken care of.

Here are some steps to help you detail your car at home so you can save on this cost.

Clean all crevices

It is essential to ensure every area of your car is spick and span. This includes cleaning the dust, insects and other detritus from between your window and dashboard.

Using a vacuum cleaner can help you get to these hard to reach areas.

Make sure you remove your car mats so you can reach this area. If you can clean these items too, that will make your car look even tidier.

Wipe down all surfaces

Even if you think your door panels look clean, there is no harm in giving them a quick wipe down. 

Make sure you also give your dash board, trim and instruments a clean, too. Look out for any sticky residue that can result from spilled food and drinks.

Clean your upholstery

Your vacuum is sure to get a lot of use when it comes time to detailing your car as you can use this item to clean your upholstery. Use the brush attachment so you can reach all the dirt that has built up in the cracks and seams of your chairs.

Use baking soda on your carpets

This is an old trick that can help to remove all stains and odours from your car. Simply sprinkle baking soda over your carpets and let this sit for around ten minutes before vacuuming up. This should remove not only stains but also any unwelcome aromas.

Clean your car on the outside

Leave no wheel unturned. Make sure you reach every area of your car, including all the nooks and crannies around your door handles and car badges. You might want to use a small paintbrush to reach those tight areas.

A stiff brush can help you to remove dirt and mud from your wheels.