Fines ahead for dodgy NSW car dealers

Finding a reputable dealer whether you are buying or selling a car is set to become easier in NSW with the established of a new online register.

The NSW government is lining up a number of process that will increase accountability in the industry and give customers a fairer and legal deal. The register will allow motorists to check if dealers hold a current licence and whether there have been any complaints or offences recorded against them.

This will allow customers to make better decisions when selling their car and highlights bad apples in the industry.

NSW Fair Trading minister Matthew Mason-Cox explained that issues during the buying process can lead to safety problems as well as when they decide to sell the vehicle in the future.

“Odometer readings are one of the major factors consumers look at when buying a used car,” he said.

“As part of the changes, the maximum penalty for any dealer or repairer altering a car odometer will be doubled to $22,000.”

Another law to be introduced is that dealers will have to disclosure different information about a vehicle being sold. This means that a potential buyer will be informed about whether the car has undergone modifications because of damage and whether any changesĀ could affect registration or insurance moving forward.

As well as this, the government is going to increase the cap on compensation payouts fromĀ $30,000 to $40,000. This means there will be more protection for motorists who purchase second-hand luxury cars, then discover there is a problem with the vehicle.

“We are pleased with the support from industry and are confident that the changes will ensure a more efficient and modern marketplace,” Mr Mason-Cox said.

The reforms should give consumers the confidence to work with dealerships and make good decisions about where to buy a car in the future.