Facts: Cars of the future

Fast 5 Facts about Cars of the Future

1. Electric cars are safe. Research shows that the number one concern of electric car buyers is whether the car is safe. Rest assured it is, electricity and water can mix (but maybe don’t try this at home)!


2. Autonomous vehicles will save lives. 
More than 93% of road accidents are caused by human error, autonomous vehicle manufacturers claim that this advancement could reduce road accidents by up to 90%.


3. Future cars will offer a more spacious interior. Without the need for steering wheels and conventional controls, electrical cars can focus more on space and luxury… you could (almost) put your feet up and relax!

4. Electrical cars will prove to be more cost-efficient. Experts predict we’ll spend 50% less on running costs, as well as decreasing emissions by 65%. Now that’s something to celebrate over!


5. Nissan and NASA are working together on Artificial Intelligence. Nissan and NASA have formed a partnership to develop Seamless Autonomous Mobility to be pushed out through autonomous vehicles. NASA has stated that “the partnership is a perfect example of how the work required to advance space exploration can also pioneer advances on Earth”.

What are your thoughts on cars of the future? Are you interested in electric cars?

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